Small Diet Changes
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Small Diet Changes That Make a Huge Impact

Small Diet Changes

Planning a new diet can get discouraging, fast. Getting in shape isn’t easy- if it were, millions of people wouldn’t make it a New Year’s goal every year. To make it easier for yourself, start small. One of the fastest ways to see results in your health and your weight is to change your nutrition plan, but if you love food then dieting can seem daunting. Start small to see results that will make you motivated to do more. The following are small diet changes you can make to get a huge impact.

Calorie count and food journal

This one is hard, because it takes time, but it is a small change. Don’t change anything about your diet at all for five days. During that time, record everything you eat and add up the calories. Are you eating more than you expected? After the five days, look through your journal and find out where the most calories are coming from. For most people, it’s drinks. Sodas can really pack on the calories, so remember to record everything you drink, too. Once you get an idea of how your diet is made up, you can start making it better.

Don’t skip meals

This includes breakfast! You cannot skip meals and expect to have a healthy, well-rounded diet. It just isn’t possible. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all must-have meals and you should plan for each one.

Meal plan

Speaking of planning, meal plans not only save you time (in the long run- making one can consume some time), but it also saves calories and money. Make it a habit to meal plan every Sunday night for the following week. Do not forget to meal plan your drinks and snacks, too, and if you are traveling during meal times, plan to pack a meal.

Drink more water

Yeah, yeah, this ol tip. But it is a tip that works. Drink at least one eight ounce glass when you wake up, before bed, and with each meal. This will help keep you hydrated, which boosts your metabolism, which helps you lose weight without doing anything.

Eat snacks

Yep, you need to eat snacks, and plan them in your day. The best way to keep your metabolism boosted is to eat every three hours, so make sure you plan in snacks to fill in between your meals.

Set a clock

Remind yourself to eat with alarms. This will keep you on track.

Pack meals and snacks

Anything can happen to take you away from your scheduled meal, so have a plan B that will be something you can take along. This will make sure you don’t go through a drive-thru when you are trying to get some food fast.

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