Monday Night Raw New Orleans
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Monday Night Raw Review for 1/11/2016 from New Orleans

Monday Night Raw New Orleans

Welcome to another edition of Monday Night Raw, which was held in New Orleans. Let’s see if there will be more people confirmed for the Royal Rumble, which is less than two weeks away. After the main event last week, Mr. McMahon announced that Roman Reigns will have to defend his WWE Championship in the Royal Rumble match and Brock Lesnar was scheduled to appear this week. Last week was a pretty good edition of Monday Night Raw, let’s see how things played out this week.


Dean Ambrose vs. Sheamus: This was a really good, physical match between these two. Sheamus was busted open the hard way towards the end of the match when Ambrose threw him head first into the ring post. Ambrose was beating down Sheamus afterwards, and then Kevin Owens appeared and attacked Ambrose from behind.

New Day vs. Usos: This was a really good match-up between these two teams. With the Usos picking up the victory, they will get another shot at the tag titles in the future.

Sting Headlining the 2016 Hall of Fame: My favorite wrestler of all-time is the first inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame. The video package WWE put together for the Stinger was awesome and it brought back a lot of memories.

Kalisto vs. Alberto Del Rio: I’ve been a huge fan of Kalisto ever since he formed the Lucha Dragons in NXT. There have been rumors of Kalisto receiving a singles push and this could be the start of it as he’s the new United States Champion. The crowd was pumped when he pinned Del Rio!!

Charlotte vs. Brie Bella: The match never took place because Becky Lynch attacked Charlotte as she was entering the ring. Great segment!!

Brock Lesnar Return: When all the heels were attacking Reigns in the ring, the music of Lesnar hit and he cleared the ring really quick. Afterwards, he grabbed Reigns and brought him to the middle of the ring, picked him up and hit the F-5 on him.


Opening Segment: I really didn’t like the opening segment because it went on too long and I just was ready to fast forward through it.

Titus O’Neil vs. Stardust: No comment.

Highlight Reel with New Day: I’m a longtime Jericholic, but I just wasn’t into this segment, maybe I just didn’t feel good but it didn’t do anything for me.

Wyatt Family vs. Social Outcasts: Is this a joke? During the match, we saw Ryback come out to attack the Wyatts and the Social Outcast group helped him out.

Roman Reigns vs. Damn Near the Entire Roster: This was pretty stupid to me, but to each is own.


Overall Rating: 6/10- This was another pretty good edition of Monday Night Raw, I mean the good outweighed the bad. First off, seeing that Sting is the headliner for the 2016 WWE Hall of Fame is well deserved and overdue. During the final segment of Raw, we saw the return of Brock Lesnar and the crowd was really to the Beast Return!! The matches between Ambrose/Sheamus, Usos/New Day and Kalisto/Del Rio were really good also.


Top Happenings on Monday Night Raw:
1) Sting Being Inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame
2) The Return of Brock Lesnar
3) Kalisto Winning the U.S. title
4) Becky Lynch Attacking Charlotte

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