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Throwback Thursday: Jon B The Cool Relax Album

Jon B Cool Relax

I’ll admit, I was and still a huge fan of Jon B!! A few days ago I was browsing my site and I noticed that I haven’t showed any love on the music side of things lately. One of the main reasons my blog got noticed was my love for music being shown throughout the site. From this point on I’ll be posting for either Music Monday, Throwback Thursday, both or Mixtape Friday. This time I’m going to do things a little bit differently though because I’ll be posting albums that I’m either listening to or have listened to during that week. So from now on you should expect at least one post per week about the album or mixtape I’m bumping the hardest for the week. To start things off I’m going with the Cool Relax album by Jon B because I’ve listened to the album a few times this week and I remember it like it was yesterday. On this album, he had several hits like They Don’t Know, Don’t Say and the 2Pac assisted, Are You Still Down? I remember the first time hearing his music and thinking it was Babyface because this dude can really sing. If you’re looking for some good music for the weekend, then ride out to this Cool Relax album from Jon B. and I promise you won’t be sorry. Here is the iTunes link to purchase the album and below is the track-listing for the album:


  1. Shine
  2. Bad Girl
  3. Don’t Say
  4. They Don’t ‘t Know
  5. Can’t Help It
  6. Cool Relax
  7. Are You Still Down ft. 2Pac
  8. Pride & Joy
  9. I Do(Watcha Say Boo)
  10. Let Me Know
  11. I Ain’t Going Out
  12. Let’s Go(Interlude)
  13. Can We Get Down
  14. Love Hurts
  15. Tu Amor


First of all, since Jon B came out in the mid-90s, how many are familiar with his work? If you’re familiar with him, what are some of your favorite tracks from him and did you know he still doing music and shows? To those who’s not familiar with him, did you check out any of his music? If so, what tracks were you feeling and if he’s someone you’re not into, let me know in the comments section below.

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