People in the Gym
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5 Gym Gear Blunders and How to Avoid Them

People in the Gym

The gym might be a place where fitness is the focus, but members who make clothing missteps can be a distraction from the real task at hand. Here are some classic athletic-wear blunders that can have people staring for all the wrong reasons, as well as some suggestions for better clothing choices.

Tiny Clothes

Whether it’s a teeny tank top or skin-tight biker shorts, it’s not made for the gym. Other people who are working out will notice your muscles only if they can see past your ego. Plus, no one wants to look at shorts that leave nothing to the imagination when they are trying to get their sweat on.

Instead, choose sleeveless shirts that fit properly but still allow free arm movement, like this from Sportswear Unlimited. Athletic shorts offer the proper support for rigorous activity, not to mention better coverage. There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable with clothing while working out. You can step your wardrobe up with these great twin sets to add to your collection.

Bulky Materials

Only high school boys trying to make weight for their wrestling meet wear head-to-toe heavy cotton clothes that lead to excessive sweating. Even if you get your exercise doing an outdoor activity in the cold, bulky materials only make you colder by holding moisture close to your body.

It’s better to look for breathable fabrics that wick moisture away from your skin and allow for quick drying. Besides, you don’t want your gym clothes to get permanent sweat stains. Those can be just as unsightly as tiny tanks.

Loose Garments

At the gym, you will get the most from your workout if you can see clearly what movements your body is making. If your garments are too loose, they could lead you to do an exercise improperly. Plus, the extra material could snag on gym equipment and cause serious injury.

The best choices are comfortable clothes that fit snugly to the body, but not like a second skin. You’ll be able to see what you are doing and make adjustments to prevent you from getting hurt.

Everyday Underwear

The socks and underwear that are great for the office are not ideal for the gym. Dress socks are not made of breathable materials, so working out in them can lead to unpleasant odors and mildew. Regular undergarments can lack support, hold in moisture, and bunch up in the middle of athletic activity.

You will be better off choosing sports socks and underclothes that are meant to withstand the rigors of a workout. Breathable fabrics, supportive designs, and materials that inhibit microbe growth are ideal.

Street Shoes

Loafers are definitely not for the gym, and neither are sneakers that are intended to look good rather than work hard. Even shoes you would be comfortable walking in are not the best choice for a workout.

Instead, choose sneakers that are designed for the athletic activity you will be doing. You’ll need ankle support and good sole padding when you are on the treadmill or lifting heavy weights.

If you have the dedication to hit the gym, don’t sabotage your workout with these fitness center faux pas. Getting the right gear for the gym can help you focus on the reason you are there. Find the right athletic sneakers at

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