Monday Night Raw Columbus
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Monday Night Raw from Columbus for 1/18/2016

Monday Night Raw Columbus

Welcome to another edition of Monday Night Raw as they hail from Columbus, OH. With less than a week away from the Royal Rumble PPV where the WWE championship will be on the line in the Rumble match for the first time. Last week was another pretty good edition of Monday Night Raw and hopefully things pick up more as we get closer to the Road to WrestleMania. Let’s Get Started!!


MLK Tribute Video: The WWE always do a really good job with the video packages to celebrate MLK day and this was no different. Great video package that not only featured Martin Luther King, but Rosa Parks, Jackie Robinson, Muhammed Ali, Nelson Mandela, Jesse Owens, Thurgood Marshall, Barack Obama and a few others.

Opening Segment: Monday Night Raw started off with Roman Reigns coming to the ring and calling out Brock Lesnar, but he got Chris Jericho instead. Jericho invited him to be a part of the Highlight Reel later in the night when Lesnar would be his guest, but they were interrupted by the League of Nations. After trading promos, Reigns challenged Rusev to a match and Jericho was the guest referee.

Rusev vs. Roman Reigns: This was a pretty good match between these two and the crowd was definitely into it. Chris Jericho kicked out the League of Nations when Sheamus threw Reigns into the barricade. In the end, Rusev went to attack Jericho, but was met with a Superman Punch, spear and the win.

Dudley Boyz & Ryback: Wyatt Family: Very physical match between these six men and the Wyatt Family continue their dominance. I’m curious to see how they fair in the Royal Rumble and especially Bray.

Becky Lynch vs. Tamina: The match wasn’t great, but I’m a huge fan of Becky Lynch. Great segment when Lynch couldn’t get Charlotte to give her a title shot at the Royal Rumble, so she turned her attention to her dad, Ric Flair and he agreed to the match to the dismay of Charlotte.

Kalisto & Dean Ambrose vs. Sheamus & Alberto Del Rio: This was a pretty good match with a lot of actions, in the end Sheamus hit the Brogue Kick on Kalisto to pick up the win.

Big E vs. Jey Uso: This was a pretty good match with these two and I’m looking forward to their match at the Royal Rumble for the tag titles on Sunday.

Highlight Reel: This segment ended the night and the promos between Heyman & Jericho were really good. When Jericho asked Heyman, what if he eliminates Lesnar to become 7-time WWE champion, the music of Lesnar hit and when he got to the ring that brought out Roman Reigns. Reigns hit the ring and then Lesnar hit the ring and as soon as he did, Reigns hit him with the spear. The League of Nations hit the ring to attack them, when Lesnar cleared the ring, Reigns hit another spear. The lights went out and when they came on the Wyatt Family surrounded the ring and attacked Reigns. After taking him out, they turned their attention to Brock Lesnar and beat him down also. Great segment and it creates intrigue at the Royal Rumble!! I would love for Bray Wyatt to walk out the Royal Rumble with the WWE Championship, he deserves it!!

Natalya vs. Brie Bella: This match was really short and it ended with Natalya putting Brie in the sharpshooter for the win.

Big Show vs. Heath Slater: That was quick!!

Roman Reigns Being #1 in the Royal Rumble: Once again, Mr. McMahon and Stephanie screws over Roman Reigns again by putting his name on all the balls for the person to be #1 in the Royal Rumble.

Titus O’Neil, Mark Henry, R-Truth & Neville vs. The Acension, Tyler Breeze & Stardust: I feel sorry for Neville!!!


Overall Rating: 6.5/10- This was a pretty good and interesting edition of Monday Night Raw, especially the final segment. First off, I loved the tribute video for Martin Luther King and how included many others that represented the Civil Rights movement. I’m going to jump right ahead to the Highlight Reel to finish the night, first I loved the back and forth promos between Jericho & Heyman. Things got interesting real quick when Lesnar entered the ring to confront Reigns because he was met with a spear. Afterwards, the League of Nations hit the ring and attacked both, but Lesnar cleared the ring and was hit with another spear from Reigns. The lights went out and the Wyatt Family appeared and beat down Roman Reigns, then they turned their attention to Lesnar, who was beaten down also. Can Wyatt leave the Royal Rumble with the WWE title?


Top 5 Happenings on Monday Night Raw
1) Wyatt Family beating down Lesnar & Reigns
2) MLK Tribute Video
3) Final Hype for Royal Rumble
4) Becky Lynch Calling Out Ric Flair & Charlotte
5) Big E vs. Jey Uso

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