Rod McCOy Conquer the World
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New Track Called Conquer the World by Rod McCoy

Rod McCOy Conquer the World

As I stated last week, I’m going back to posting more music on the site because it seems like I’ve been too busy to acknowledge it. To those who are now becoming more familiar with Daddy’s Hangout, music is where I first started getting recognized before anything else and hip hop is something I’ve been addicted to for damn near thirty years now. For those who’s familiar with my love of music, then you know I’m a huge fan of Rod McCoy, who represents Atlanta, but he’s from Alabama and a huge fan of the Crimson Tide, who just finished winning another championship. I had to mention that because I was rooting for Clemson and we talked a little trash on Twitter with each other leading up to the game. He just released his new EP titled Smoke and Murals and one of the standout tracks on the project is called Conquer the World. Below is a little bit about the track and also you can download the track for free by clicking here and check out the video also!!


“Conquer The World” is a standout track from my recently released “Smoke and Murals” EP that provides reflective insight and motivation to dreamers and realists alike. Aside from the barriers we create and enforce within ourselves, life has no boundaries. Remove all fears and doubts. Conquer the world, don’t let it capture you.

Not only is Rod McCoy a talented artist but,  he’s also CEO of Audible Hustle. You can check out his Audible Hustle website to keep up with the latest news, music or videos from him or his entire Audible Hustle crew. You can also stay connected with him through his personal website, Raw With Rod or follow him on Twitter. As far as this new track, my boy killed this track, flow was nice, the lyrics were on point and the beat was flames also. Please check out the video up above and download this track.



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