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England CAN win the Ashes, if they stick to our daddies’ guide!

England CAN

We’re just a month away from the start of one of the most hotly anticipated events on the cricket calendar – The Ashes. Starting on July 8th, we’ll all be cheering on England as we do every year, but having watched the event for many years now, we can admit that there are a few areas where the team can improve.

Having consulted a few daddies, here are our tips for England to take the trophy at this year’s Ashes tournament.

It’s all in the catch

People may remember Ian Bell for his batting skills back in the 2013 Ashes, but what they tend to overlook is that Bell was also catching the ball every time it came his way. We’ve now seen Bell being too cocky with his bat, which is causing him to miss the catches – if England want to take victory this year, they need to remember that catches win matches!

Moeen should stick to his strengths

In some blogs, Moeen Ali has been labelled as one of England’s “bad” players. However, while he might call himself an all-rounder, truly his bowling is his fortune, and this is something which he should utilise to great effect at this year’s event. Ali could face stiff competition from Kent’s James Tredwell or Surrey’s Gareth Batty to be the first choice bowler this year, and as such he should hone his skills right now in Worcestershire.

Stick with the attack status quo

Just like Moeen Ali, so too should England stick to their strengths – and it’s evident that attacking is their area of strength. The team needs to make sure they’re putting forward their best men, including James Anderson, and Stuart Broad, who is now recovering nicely from knee surgery.

What England shouldn’t do, by contrast, is put too much stock in their bowlers, and those that they do have need to be better controlled by their captain. England has always relied on its bowlers, so as the old saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Make the most of the home spirit!

With the Ashes taking part in alternating countries every year, this year the event will be taking place in some of the finest cricket grounds in Blighty. The nation is known for its loyal fans, and as such England should follow Australia’s example last year and listen to the crowd cheering them on – it could just be what they need to return to glory once again.

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