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Essential Tips For Anyone With A Beard

Beards definitely contain their own attraction factor, but it’s important to remember that much of this attraction is attributed to how well maintained your facial hair actually is. A well-kempt beard says a lot about a man and can easily make him attractive to others while a scraggly, free-growing one might serve to keep people at a distance. Whether you’re trying to get your own follicles under control or you know someone who could use a subtle hint, the useful tips below are an easy way to get almost any beard or mustache under control.

Having a beard is much more than just a mere style choice; it is essentially a way of life. Learning how to properly maintain that time-invested look by following your smile lines and creating clean lines on the cheeks and neck will help you to feel more confident in your appearance. Although it does require adding some time on to your morning routine, the results are usually worth it.

beard life infographic

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