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4 Ways to Ditch Your Dad Bod

You remember a time when you were in shape. Back in those days, you were comfortable taking your shirt off in front of people. You may have even put on a bit of a show as you displayed a little skin. Alas, that was a few pounds ago, and now the six-pack in your midriff has vanished. You replaced it by enjoying a few too many six-packs of the adult beverage variety. You need to rid yourself of the beer gut. Here are four ways to ditch your dad bod.


Look in the Mirror

Dad Looking in Mirror

You know the reason you got the dad bod. You started eating more while working out less. So, you also know the more difficult ways to get back into shape. The good news is that you can start with something easier to improve your health. All that’s required is for you to accept that you have to address the problem. As one current style has it, the dad bod is attractive to women because it displays that you’re more concerned about the health of your family than yourself. As long as others are safe and secure, you don’t worry about taking care of yourself. That’s a fallacy. If something happens to you, who will provide for your loved ones? Since you want to protect them, you have to remain healthy enough to live into old age. Even if the dad bod appeals to some, it’s emblematic of self-destructive behavior you need to correct for the benefit of others as well as yourself.

Add Protein to Your Breakfast

Another easy step you can take is to adjust your diet. One of the growing trends during the 21st century is to skip breakfast or at least eat a lighter meal. Your natural instinct is to believe that eating fewer calories to start the day means that you won’t gain weight. That’s a mistake. Research suggests that people who don’t eat the most important meal of the day are over four times more susceptible to obesity. As counter-intuitive as the math may seem, you should boost your morning meal with proteins. They possess the beneficial nutrients you need to feel energetic in the morning. Eggs are your best bet. They contain a large amount of choline, and that particular nutrient is great for reducing belly fat, the largest ingredient in dad bod. Another simple solution is to take food supplements, for which Amway is among the top companies in America. Their dietary products can help you re-shape your body before and during the hard stuff.

Do the Hard Stuff — Cardio

Come on. You knew this was coming. There’s simply no way to correct the dad bod without exercising more. You let your body get out of shape, and the only way to bring it back under control is through a lot of sweat. While any exercise you’re not currently performing is an improvement, cardio stands above the others. Once you get your heart pumping blood to the rest of your body, biology kicks in. Every part of you works harder when you’re directing it to expend an effort. That’s what happens when you work up a sweat. You also trigger a rush of adrenaline that does even more to push your metabolism to the brink. Cardio may not be fun, but it’s extremely effective. The best exercises you can choose are the ones that provide the strongest resistance. If something makes you feel exhausted, it’s probably great for cardio, although you should perform a Google search if you’re not sure. A particularly effective strategy is to ride a stationary or conventional bike at a higher level of resistance. Biking is great exercise on its own, but if you force your legs to pump harder than strictly necessary, it’s also tremendous cardio.

Do the Hard Stuff — Dieting

Eating a protein-rich breakfast is a nice start, but dieting is unavoidable. To get back in shape, you need to start thinking about what you eat. A fitness tracking app will provide you with information about the most fattening foods in your diet. Most high-calorie foods are also low in nutrients. By reducing your intake of these, you’ll start to look and feel better immediately. The dad bod is a silly fad. Obesity is a bad look on any body. Follow the tips above to eat better, have a healthier body, and live longer.

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