Save Money on Gas
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Great Ideas on How to Save Money on Gas

Save Money on Gas

Gas is one of those things that no one loves putting into their car, but it’s a necessary evil. Although gas prices have changed dramatically over the years, there are still some ways you can save! About 10 years ago, gas went up to almost $5 a gallon and now it’s around $2 a gallon, depending on where you live. My motto is to not spend more than I have to, on anything. Here are some tips on saving money on gas.

Keep Your Tank Full
I’m not sure if this is true or not, but I always get better gas mileage when my vehicle is full. This always me feel as though I get a better MPG when my tank is full.

Stay at Home
You might giggle at this one, but staying home is one surefire way to save money on gas. When you aren’t going anywhere, your gas tank stays happy and full!

Turn off the Engine
Another way to save money on gas is to turn off the engine. It’s always something drivers forget to do, but this can save the most gas. Put a little sticky note on your dashboard as an excellent reminder.

Know When to Get Gas
Another strategic way to save on gas is to know exactly when to go to the pump. Don’t just fill up at any old time, fill up when has is the cheapest. Keep an eye out for when your local gas stations raise their prices.

Get a Better Car
Yes, I went there. If you want to save money on gas, consider getting a better car. It’s amazing how much you can save on gas by purchasing a car that has better gas mileage. Considering how long vehicles last, this could be an excellent investment. You don’t need a brand new car for good gas mileage; plenty of old cars also get great miles per gallon.

Keep the Gas Steady
Another great way to save gas is to keep your gas pedal steady. When you fluctuate on the gas pedal, it has the potential to use up more gas.

These 6 tips can help you save a ton of money on gas. Although spending money on has isn’t the first thing you want to do, you can keep more money in your pocket by following these tips. Do you have any tips to add for saving money on gas?

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