Man Cooking for Valentine's Day
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6 Last minute DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts Your Wife Will Love

Man Cooking for Valentine's Day

If you are just now seeing all the hearts and flowers in the store advertising that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, don’t worry! You haven’t missed out on giving a gift. For some, Valentine’s Day falls at a time when we don’t have much money and doing a homemade gift can sometimes be time consuming. The following six ideas will help you surprise your wife (or significant other) with something sentimental and budget friendly on Valentine’s Day.


Cook her dinner! If you are not known for your culinary skills, this is an even greater treat for your wife. There are thousands of recipes that you can find to make her a special dinner, and most cost under $30 to make a meal for the two of you. Be sure to add in some candles and music to make it romantic!

A love letter

In the days of electronic communication, handwriting a beautiful love letter can mean so much. It shows you have taken the time express your love for your wife, and didn’t just send her a text or buy an eCard (or even just a pre-printed card form the store). The sentiment won’t be lost on her.

A spa day

Run your wife the perfect bubble bath with rose petals. Serve her treats while she is relaxing in the tub, and when she is done, give her an all-over massage, facial, manicure, and pedicure. It doesn’t matter if your nail polish isn’t perfect. It will make her smile and love how much you tried.

Coupon booklet

Okay, these seem overdone, but people really do love them! Give your wife a coupon booklet with one coupon that is valid for every month… and make them special! For example, is her birthday in March? Write a coupon that says “One free massage- but not on your birthday! Save it for a time when you aren’t already being spoiled!” It shows her you remember her birthday and you are planning something special for her then, too.

A box of treats

Does your wife have a sweet tooth? Give in to it by making her homemade cookies, brownies, fudge, and more, and then packaging them all in a nice box. The fact that you made them will mean a lot, but eating them will be just as fun!

Make her some artwork

Surely by now you have seen the wooden pallet signs that everyone is going gaga for. Do you know how easy it is to make one? VERY! Make one for your wife! Be sure to include things special to her, like her favorite colors or patterns that go well with your home. Paint something on it that symbolizes your love, like your wedding date, or a quote that you both love.

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