Captain Obvious

Check Out Captain Obvious and His Run for President

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Captain Obvious

If you haven’t heard by now, Captain Obvious is running for President. Yes, he’s hitting the campaign trail like the other Presidential candidates, but he’s doing it a little different because he’s actually running. He’s throwing on his running shoes, staying fit and his traveling everywhere with the hopes of getting your vote. With him traveling to all across the United States, he will need a nice, comfortable place to stay, but he’s covered because he’s being sponsored by


With this being an election year, we know that makes for some heated conversation because of the views others share, and sometimes it turns people against each other. I’ve never claimed to have a particular political party because all I have ever wanted was the best for this country and the future of the following generations, so with that said, I’m voting for Captain Obvious. If you follow him on Twitter, then you know he doesn’t go out of his way to make any ridiculous promises, he’s just having fun and telling things like it is. When he says that he travels everywhere, he really means it, whether it’s in the freezing cold weather of Wisconsin or the hot weather in Arizona, you can expect Captain Obvious to show up wanting your support. Who wouldn’t want to support him as a Presidential candidate?
Do you want to know the thoughts from Captain Obvious about different political issues? Check out his newscasts and follow him on Twitter to see his thoughts on the subjects the other Presidential candidates are talking about during those Presidential debates. He’s always commenting whenever the other candidates make headlines and to keep up with his great sense of humor, he’s been known to photobomb a time or two. If you’re interested in supporting Captain Obvious, then make sure you show your support by visiting, which is the official home of the race. At the website, you can get merchandise, view content and view his trek across the 50 states by Captain Obvious.

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