Daddy's Hangout Giveaway

$25 PayPal or Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Daddy's Hangout Giveaway

Starting this month, I’m going to do a monthly giveaway to show my appreciation to my readers. Every month I’ll do a giveaway of at least 25 dollars and you’ll have the choice of receiving your funds in PayPal cash or the Amazon gift card. Most likely, the question will be based on something I’ve experienced, working on or just a feedback session, but either way you will have a chance to win a little cash for your troubles. This month, I’m working on an interesting campaign about Captain Obvious and his run for President and he’s being sponsored by Here’s more about Captain Obvious and his campaign to become President:


About Captain Obvious
Verified on Twitter with more than 300,000 followers, Captain Obvious is known for providing obvious and culturally relevant commentary. Throughout 2016, he urges you and your supporters to follow @CaptainObvious on Twitter as he comments on the pageantry of the race through daily updates, remarks on big presidential moments as they happen and live-tweets during the upcoming presidential debates.

Are you someone that’s into politics? If so, are you tired of all the political issues that each Presidential candidate says they have planned once they become President? I’ll be honest, I used to be caught up in everything in the political world to the point I was always arguing with someone. Fast forward to now, I really don’t pay much attention to what’s going on with the Democratic nor Republican Party. So many people have tried to get my opinion on different presidential issues, but I haven’t taken the bait and I won’t either. Now I started this campaign and I’ll be honest, I found Captain Obvious to be pretty funny. Follow this link–> and tell me what you think about Captain Obvious and his run to be the President. Make sure you click the link and follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter!!



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