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Tips to Keep Your Car Healthy for the Warm Weather

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Car Healthy for the Warm Weather

It’s that time of the year again; we have finally been getting near springtime, and words can’t express how happy I am for this great weather. Now with this nice weather, we have to deal with high humidity, higher power bills, allergies, yard work, clothes shopping for the kids and maintenance for the cars for this warm weather.

Now that my son has a car, that means I have been teaching him a few things on how to have your car ready for this weather and save some money in the long run. Below are some tips to keep your care as healthy as possible and maybe even take it on vacation without any worries:

Scheduled Oil Changes

One of the first things my dad taught me when I got my first car was to always keep scheduled oil changes. If you can keep your oil changed around every 3,000 miles, the car will last as long as you keep it. If you feel that changing your oil is a waste of time or that you don’t have the money, think again because it can cost in the thousands if you decide that changing the oil isn’t worth it or that important.

Checking Your Air Conditioner

Have anyone had or rode around in a car that has an air conditioner that doesn’t work? My first car didn’t have air and after that I vowed that I would always make sure my vehicles air conditioner would always work. Take it to a specialist if the air isn’t as cold because you could have a leak in your system or just need to add refrigerant.

Check Your Battery

Most car batteries can last about 4 or 5 years and if your battery is older than that go ahead and change it. The hot weather is actually harder on the battery, meaning you’re more likely to have battery issues and being stranded. Also, remember the date code number indicates the year, and the date code letter corresponds to the month (A = January, B = February, C = March, etc.)

Check The Gas You’re Using

Most people don’t think about the grade of gas they use nor do they think about where they buy gas. Trust me, I’ve been one of those people who pull up into any gas station with the lowest price and just fill up. Now you can experience getting the best gas and also get it cheaper by going to Shell and signing up for their Fuel Rewards Program. The savings can be easy with Fuel Rewards, and, everyday savings add up and new member save 25cpg as a sign up bonus.

Check Your Tires

Check the tire for wear, uneven wear, age cracks or damage. Check the inflation pressure in all the tiers, including the spare. Underinflated tires makes the tires run hot and increases the risk of a blowout.

Check or Replace Windshield Wipers

Natural rubber wiper blades have a limited life of a year or less. Sun exposure, extreme heat and cold all age the rubber and cause it to become hard and brittle. If the wipers streak, chatter or smear, it is time to replace them.

Do you have any tips to share to keep your car healthy for the warm weather? Have you signed up for the Fuel Rewards Program by Shell?

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