The SemiPro App is a Must Have For Competitive People

SemiPro App

Do you remember growing up when you used to argue with friends about who won what game and the final score? Once again, technology has come to the rescue, and it’s with the new app, Semi Pro, which is available for iOS. With this new app, you create a social profile like you would do on any of your social media accounts to keep up with the everyday sports you play with your friends. It doesn’t matter what sport you love playing whether it’s basketball, baseball, football, badminton, dodgeball or you can create some game you like to play.


One of the first things I had the chance to do is schedule a basketball game as they dads are facing the teenagers tomorrow, which is called Dads vs. Teens. Afterwards, you can change your privacy settings to whom you like to view your upcoming game. The settings can be set to everyone, only to be viewed by your followers or just the roster, which are the people who will be playing in the game. That’s followed by the game details, which is the sport or activity you will be playing, in my case its basketball. After the game details, you pick a time and place the game will be played. Since we’re playing at my house, it automatically detects my address so everyone won’t be confused as to where we’re playing because our games have been played at numerous places. In the case, the game is being played April 9th around 3 o’clock!! The Semi Pro app asks whose playing, and you can create spots for the number of people that’s playing. You can add people that are following you, or you can send an invite by entering their email address and do the same when adding your opponents. When everything is filled and ready, that’s when you schedule the match.

My Final Thought

Like I mentioned above, this is a great app and this is something that would’ve came in handy when I was younger. Growing up, my friends and I were always arguing about who won this, who won that and how many times we beat each other. You can also use the SemiPro app for bragging rights also by sharing the results on your social media accounts. If you’re someone that loves competition, this app is for you.

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