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Taking A Vacation Without Kids? I’ve Got The Perfect Place


Have you ever looked at a play park and thought: “Why don’t they build these for adults?” Adults like to have fun too, being crazy and wild. Well, they do. You probably just haven’t noticed because the adult play park is…a tad bigger than the ones for kids. It’s called Las Vegas, and it’s got everything you might want for a fantastic, exciting, exhilarating vacation. Or, if you want to lavish in luxury, it’s got that too. And so much more. Here are just some of the reasons why you should book an adults only trip to Las Vegas this year.

Lady Luck

Playing Roulette While on Vacation

Who doesn’t love a good gamble? You might feel a little guilty after you’ve put your child’s college fund on red but in the moment, you’ll love it. Even if you lose, you still get the rush from placing a big bet. Vegas is the city set up for gambling. With some of the biggest Casinos in the world, usually below your hotel room, you can gamble as much as you want. Although we do suggest, you try and keep control. It’s easy to get carried away gambling in a Vegas casino. They do everything possible to make sure what you win you lose again just hours later. If you’re on a roll, make sure you carry your chips to the counter and don’t look back. You might want to have a look at this article  on whether casinos are rigged.

Fifty Shades The Musical Anyone?

Pic of Vegas on Vacation

I wouldn’t believe this existed if I hadn’t seen it with my own two eyes. Yes, Fifty Shades Of Grey has been turned into a smash hit musical theater show. Don’t worry if you’re expecting the ridiculous lines of the book to be said with a straight face, though. This is a parody and a whole heap of fun for adults of all ages. You’ll be singing along to songs you’ve only just learned the words to. That’s not the only show in Vegas, though. If you have a look at a site like, we’re sure you’ll find one that you’ll love. Vegas is for everyone….over the age of the eighteen.

Luxury Accommodation

Luxury While on Vacation

There’s no place on earth that does luxury quite like Vegas. If you can afford it, that is. I suggest you rent out a penthouse suite in one of the top hotels. You should expect it to cost you around a thousand a night, but it will be well worth it. Have you ever bowled a strike in a hotel room? Well, you can now. Or you can take a dip in an Olympic sized swimming pool just down the hall. How about riding a roller coaster that starts on the roof of the building. It might sound crazy, but all these things are very real possibilities in Las Vegas. You better hope you win big on the casino floor though because they sure don’t come cheap. You could have a look at to see exactly what I mean.

The City Of Light

Vegas Street on Vacation

Of course, there is one part of Vegas that is completely free and that’s the spectacle of the city itself. Do yourself a favor and rent a limo to take you through the city at night. America’s neon-lit city is spectacular, and there’s nothing quite like it anywhere else in the world.

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