What Gifts Us Dads Really Want (Hint It's Not Socks)
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What Gifts Us Dads Really Want (Hint It’s Not Socks)

When we end up opening another pair of socks from the kids for Father’s Day, it can really make us sigh. It happens every year, and we now have so many that they are trying to escape from the draws! And as much as we appreciate it, we don’t need any more socks! We understand it’s hard to find something for Father’s Day for us. Here are some gifts that we actually want and will love.

What Gifts Us Dads Really Want (Hint It's Not Socks)

Horse Racing

We would love to have a day out horse racing! A lot of us have fancied it when we see it on the television but have never actually got the chance to go. It’s a great day out where we get to have a drink and have a cheeky bet on the horses. It’s a chance to get dressed up in our suits (which we do like doing!) and actually have a laugh. Here’s a list of horse racing events that you could buy a ticket for.


It might seem boring to you, but we would love a bottle of vodka or gin as a Father’s Day present. It’s something we will enjoy drinking over time, and it will last us ages. You can get gift boxes which often come with a mini bottle and glass. You can also get unique shaped bottles that he would never have seen before. Talk to us about what brands we enjoy so you know what to get. A bottle of wine or a pack of beer will also go down well. You can get us a trip to a winery so that we can discover more about the drink. And wine tasting will be a lot of fun too for your mum and me!


We have a sweet tooth, so a gift of chocolate or sweets would be ideal for Father’s Day. You could get us a couple of bars or even a sweet hamper would be very enjoyable for us. Food presents are not too childish for us, and will make us smile. We may even open them and share them with you if you are lucky! We wouldn’t actually mind going for chocolate tasting as this would be a great gift, or even going to find out more about how chocolate is created. A special treat for us too would be if you cooked us something for Father’s Day. A delicious chocolate cake or cookies will show us you have made a significant effort!

Sport Tickets

We are always watching games on television, but it’s not often we actually get to see a game of baseball or soccer. Find out our favorite team, and then have a look for tickets for the next match. We will be very shocked, but extremely pleased if you do this. A trip around the stadium will also be an unforgettable treat that we won’t forget. It is something we don’t often have a chance to do so it will be highly appreciated. A sports top will also be great to wear when we go along to the game!


Time together

When you are trying to think of father’s day gift ideas, you should consider that we would just like to spend some time together. With life so busy, we don’t spend as much time together as we would like. Therefore, a great present for us would be going out for a nice meal the two of us, or even you just coming over and spending some time together. A day out as parent and child will mean a lot to us!



We can never have too many pairs of sunglasses so this would be a great gift for us this Father’s Day. We feel about sunglasses as you do about shoes and bags! Therefore, talk to us about what styles we like, and even take us with you to choose a pair! Sunglasses are also a great gift with the summer months coming up. And if we have booked a holiday, they will be very useful!


New clubs

If you run out of ideas for us for a gift, then a new pair of clubs would be fantastic. It’s one of our favorite sports. If we haven’t been before, some clubs would be perfect for us to be able to try out the sport. Even if we have some already, new ones are always good and will come in useful! Anything technology is always a good gift idea for us for Father’s Day! So don’t be afraid to stay away from socks this time!


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