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Facts You Didn’t Know About Golf

Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world for many reasons. Firstly, winning the game takes more than just pure strength. Players also require a reasonable level of intelligence. Secondly, it’s a long game that can take hours to complete. So, it’s excellent for keeping people occupied. It’s also a fantastic way to give them somewhere to focus their minds. Let’s take a look at some interesting facts you probably didn’t know.

  • Longest Recorded Drive

A half English and American golfer scored the longest drive at a tournament in 1974. Michael Hoke Austin hit the ball 515 yards. That beat the previous record by a long stretch.

  • Golf Ball Design

Believe it or not, the first golf balls ever created were made from wood. In most instances, the manufacturers used beech or box trees. The items first appeared on the scene during the 14th century and remained until the 17th century.

  • Playing on the Moon

Astronauts have played two sports on the moon since they first started visiting outer space. In February 1967, Alan Bartlett used a six iron to try a one-handed swing. The ball disappeared into the moon’s low gravity atmosphere.

So, there you go. That was three interesting facts most people don’t know about golf. There are more things to learn if you have the time to search online. However, anyone who loves to play the sport should take a look at our infographic. It can tell you a little more about the type of player you’ve become. Also, it’s funny, and so we’ve published it below.

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