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Stay Hydrated with the Brita Jug Filter System

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Brita Universal Jug Cooler Filtration System for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Brita Jug Filter System Summer is officially around the corner, and that means Atlanta constantly lives up to its Hot Atlanta name! So it’s always important for our family to make sure we keep cool and hydrated. The truth is when on the go, I often find it hard to make sure my family, and I are drinking enough water, but the new Brita Jug Filtration system and filters have made that challenge an easier one for me. It’s no secret that water from bottles and jugs can get expensive, and it uses tons of plastic.

To cut down on cost and waste, we were excited to hear about the Brita Jug Filter, which is now available at This filtration system was easy for us to use, as it fit into our own water jugs and coolers so that we could use what we already had lying around the house, instead of having to buy new containers. It filtered out all the chlorine taste and odor from regular tap water, making it easy to use water from just about any spout, which gave us options we might not otherwise have.

During the summer months, we attend a lot of outdoor sporting events, hold neighborhood basketball tournaments and spend hours outside with the younger kids playing! The truth is we need enough water to last for hours for multiple people. The Brita Jug Filtration system made it easy for us to filter out large quantities of water for everyone to drink, creating great-tasting water from what came out of the tap. We have various types of jugs we use, and if you are worried your jugs won’t fit the system— think again!

The Brita Jug Filtration system includes adapters for Coleman, Igloo and Rubbermaid jug coolers, so you can be sure to cut down on plastic waste while saving yourself time and money. Brita The filters last for two months, and have a tag that reminds you to change them when it is time to swap out for a new filter. This makes having great-tasting water easier than ever! And if you are put off about having to change the filters, don’t be! For one, the system is simple to use. You just fit the filter onto the spout in your jug, fill it with water, and enjoy clean tasting water anywhere.

If the cost of the filter concerns you, ask yourself how much you spend on bottled and jugged water while you are out and about. Considering that each filter is $24.99/each on the website, it means you are spending less than $13/month in water for your whole family or sports team. Also, below see how you can nominate a Brita hero in the #H2OHero campaign.

How to use:

Installation is simple! Be sure to check the video below to See how easy it is to start filtering from your jug cooler in minutes!

Buy Now:

Get one today and be prepared for the hot summer months! The Brita Universal Jug Cooler Filtration System is currently only available at Home for around just $25!

Enter to Win:

Be a Brita Hero and nominate your unsung #H2OHero via a photo submission on the landing page, Submissions will be narrowed down to the final four. The audience will vote for the #H2OHero and They will award a prize to the winning entry.

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