Mama Mia Boss Chica 2
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Mama Mia New Mixtape Boss Chica 2 Hosted by DJ Skroog Mkduk

Mama Mia New Mixtape Boss Chica 2

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since I got the chance to let everyone know about the debut mixtape from Mama Mia entitled, The Boss Chica. The mixtape was really good and it had many of us hip hop fans clamoring for more music from the Boss Chica. Well, the wait is over and she has returned with her new mixtape, The Boss Chica 2, which is hosted by DJ Skroog Mkduk who’s always bringing you or hosting some of the best music. The leading single for the new project is a banger called STFU, which is a certified club banger. Check out the project below and head to the comments section to let me know your thoughts about Mama Mia and her Boss Chica 2 mixtape.

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