Positive Influence On Their Kids' Future Marriages

3 Ways Dads Can Be a Positive Influence On Their Kids’ Future Marriages

Positive Influence On Their Kids' Future Marriages

It’s no secret that dads play an important role on the development of their children, but did you know that dads directly impact their kids’ future marriages? Dads will help daughters determine the type of man she will marry, and their sons determine the type of husband they will be. They also help play a huge role in whether their kids will marry at all or become divorced. If you are a father and want to impress upon your children the importance of a healthy, happy marriage, check out these tips on how you can become a positive marital influence.

Love your wife

This doesn’t mean to just marry your wife, but actually love the woman you have married and show her. By doing this, you will show your children that loving another human being is selfless and beautiful. You will show them that marriage is about love and commitment and those are things you should take seriously. Bring your wife flowers, write her love letters, and shower her with hugs, kisses, and attention any chance you get. Your daughters will be shown how they are to be treated, and so will your sons. When you shower your wife with love, that love will come back to you.

Budget together in front of the kids

Many people think that kids should not know about money in the family. This is how we set kids up for financial failure, and the number one reason for divorce is money matters. Don’t set your kids up for that fall. Instead, let them see and hear you and your wife managing your money and budgeting together. Bonus- they learn math and see that women can also be in charge or have opinions of money in a relationship.

Talk to your kids about marriage

Whether you are married, divorced, or wanting to be married, you can always talk to your kids about marriage. Let them know that marriage, love, and commitment are things you believe in. Tell them the mistakes you have made and how you have fixed or tried to fix those mistakes. By seeing that you are capable of mistakes in a relationship, yet still committed to making a marriage work, your children will learn that relationships are not always rainbows and butterflies, but can be hard work. This is something that too many people take for granted when committing their lives to another person. Let your kids see the work. Let them see the beauty in your sacrifices for your marriage.

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