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Video Games: Are Your Kids Acting Responsibly?

Video Games

We’ve all heard horror stories about kids and their video games. In actuality, there aren’t too many things to worry about as long as you’re keeping an eye on things. Those horror stories you hear in the media are often a result of not understanding what kids are doing. So, we’re going to give you a basic education on the things you need to look out for.

Age Ratings

You should be keeping an eye on all the games that your kids buy. They all have age ratings on them, just like movies do. They’re on there for a reason, so if you see an ‘18’ sticker on Grand Theft Auto V, it’s there for a good reason! You can’t always prevent your kids from playing these games at their friends’ houses, but make sure it’s not being played in yours.


Games have changed since we were kids, and nowadays, everything is online. Online multiplayer games are often the best kind, so you shouldn’t deny them the enjoyment of playing them. However, players often chat with headsets and the chat can be riddled with expletives and insults on a regular basis. If you want to prevent this, you need to tell your kids to either stay away or join a private chat with their friends instead.

Micro transactions

Micro transactions are a relatively new invention in the world of gaming. They allow you to use real-world money to get advantages and access new features in games. Some kids don’t understand the severity of spending a lot of money. Don’t give your kids credit card access to do this. Instead, take it into your own hands. Buy N Coin cards at SEA Gamer Mall, or pay for a game subscription for them in your own time. You need to make sure you’re keeping a check on these things to save them getting out of hand.


You should keep track on your child’s behavior when they are playing video games. Most children are well behaved, but some can’t handle their anger and stress. Some kids are even influenced by certain types of games, so be wary of their behavior. If your kids are acting inappropriately, force them to spend some time away from video games. Don’t worry about possibility too much; most kids are perfectly fine. Video games can even be educationally beneficial for many children!


Video games are fantastic, but the amount of fun they can provide can sometimes push people overboard. If your child is showing symptoms of video game addiction, you need to kick the habit as early as possible. Make sure they’re spending time with family, seeing friends and not dedicating all their time to this hobby. Everything is great in moderation, but when it takes over your life, it can become a problem.

Don’t get us wrong; video games are a great pastime for anyone! But, kids have a tendency to lack understanding of the subject. We need to make sure they’re responsible so they can continue to enjoy themselves.

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