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4 Ways Dads Can Get Their Kids Interested In Fitness


If fitness is a goal you’d like to have for your whole family, then getting your kids active is probably on the top of your list of things to do. Good news- kids are naturally energetic and want to be active! Getting your kids to understand the importance of fitness, however, goes beyond just playing with them and having them enrolled in sports. You can teach your kids about fitness in some simple ways in order to instill a love of exercise early on.

Be an example

Plain and simple- if your kids see you working out, they will understand that working out is something you value. Going to the gym is great, but you also need to make sure your kids see you working out in some capacity. Show them that they can do sit-ups on commercial breaks, or they can start their mornings with some yoga. Being that physical example will imprint on them more than just knowing you work out.

Make a fitness plan for your kids

Yes, they run and play all day long, and that is great cardio. But did you know kids can also benefit from strength training? If you have kids in sports, strength training can help protect them from injury. Help your child make and stick to a fitness plan that is designed specifically for them.

Make fitness fun

When they work through their plan, help them! Make it fun and turn on some music, play games, give them a reward, or do it with them. If they associate fitness with fun, they will be more likely to stick with it as it is something they like to do. You can even set up a sticker chart or an online app to show them their progress and reward them accordingly.

Set up a fitness group

Do you enjoy your workouts more when you have a buddy come along? Kids will enjoy workouts more, too, if they had friends involved. Set up a fitness club with the kids in your neighborhood or at your child’s school and get their friends involved. Just three times a week, an hour each time, can really change a child’s mind about exercise and instill a life-long love of exercise. Check with your play group friends, stay at home parents, the school’s principal or coach, or even relatives on getting everyone started on the right track to being fit.

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