Potty Training
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A Guide For Daddies On Potty Training!

Potty Training

If you thought having a newborn was tough, it can become even more challenging when they reach the next year of their life. Having a toddler is tricky; they are learning new things such as walking and using the potty. Here’s a guide for daddies on potty training.

Keep trying

Potty training is tough for your little one, and it can often take them awhile to learn how to do it. Although some babies learn when they are only 18 months how to do it, others can take up till their three before doing it successfully. The best advice we can give for dads is to keep trying, and your baby will get there in the end. Try and not get frustrated with your little one.

Potty Training

Prepare for mistakes

One of the top things you need to know about potty training is that they are going to make mistakes. You can’t watch them 24/7, so they are bound to have an accident when you take away their nappy. You can try and watch out for signs they need to go such as crouching over. You can’t get cross when it happens as they are going to make mistakes while they’re trying to learn. You may want to put them in nappies at night when they are in bed, just in case they have an accident.

Try different ideas

A lot of people have different ideas how you should train your little one to stop using nappies. Some people buy a potty which they can use to help train their child. While others use a toilet seat as some kids, find it easier to use this on the toilet. There are many sites online which give tips on potty training such as www.pottytrainingsolved.com. Try different ideas till you find one method which works for your child.

Potty Training

Make sure they aren’t holding it in

A lot of children feel scared when you don’t put a nappy on them. Therefore, they may start not going to the toilet as regularly. Remember to make sure your child isn’t holding in their urine because they haven’t got a nappy on. It can lead to further issues such as a urinary tract infection, so make sure to ask them if they need to go and watch out for signs.

Show them how it’s done

If you have a little boy, dad’s can help by showing them how to do it. Your child will want to copy you and will soon pick up on what he needs to do. As Parenting explains, try and make it fun by giving him things to aim at such as Fruit Loops.

Potty Training

Reward them when they do it

You need to make sure you reward your child when they do manage to go on the potty or toilet so that they know they should do it again. Go out to the shops and buy the child some sweets or a toy. It will spur them on to do it again. Potty training can be a bonding experience for a parent and a child, so as well as the mommy getting involved, you need to help too!

Potty Training

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