Tips on Spring Cleaning Your Marriage

Spring Cleaning Your Marriage

When Spring Cleaning, people tend to focus on the home, car, or physical tasks, but have you spring cleaned your marriage? Just like anything you won, your marriage is something that can get dusty, broken, and in need of attention if you neglect it. Getting your marriage back on track doesn’t mean that your marriage is failing, but rather that you are willing to do the work to keep it from failing. Check out these simple tips on how men can make their marriages stronger.

Take time

Too often, husbands and wives are too busy for one another. Life happens, things get hectic, but setting aside time for your spouse can only serve your marriage. You take time to clean your home, so you should also take time for your wife. Make it a habit to spend time focusing on her, and only her, even if it is just 10 minutes a day. That time put in can add up to some amazing results.

Get romantic

You don’t have to buy her flowers to prove you love her. Instead, write her a small note. Cook her dinner. Make her breakfast in bed. Or just give her 20 minutes to herself to take a shower. Get romantic with your wife in the ways she likes, and the ways that will matter most. Romanticism in a marriage is like dusting off the cobwebs in the corners of your home. It can reveal the love you two still have for one another.

Set goals together

Like shining your furniture, your marriage needs some polishing each year. Sit down and focus on the year ahead. Make plans together. This isn’t just reserved for vacations. You can plan meals together, a savings plan, having a new baby, cleaning the gutters… whatever it is you need to hash out and plan, do it now. Making plans shows that your marriage is still strong and you are still in it together, no matter how big or small your plans are.


Like fixing that broken window can make your home more sound, fixing communication issues can make your marriage better. Even if you don’t feel like you are having problems communicating, you should speak with your wife about communication anyway. She may have a different idea. With so many things impacting marriages these days, being on the same page with communication can ensure your foundation stays strong, no matter what other problems you may face.

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