Jodeci Forever My Lady
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Jodeci Dropped Forever My Lady 25 Years Ago

Jodeci Forever My Lady

One of, if not the best R&B group of my era, which is the late 80s to the mid-90s and that group is Jodeci. The group consisted of K-Ci, JoJo, Devante Swing & Mr. Dalvin and they released their classic, debut album Forever My Lady twenty-years ago on May 28th. The album was well-received and still a much talked about album till this day and it went on to sell over 3 million copies. They released a total of five singles from the album, with three of them becoming the #1 song in the country. The #1 tracks were Stay, Come & Talk to Me and the title track, Forever My Lady. After the release of their debut album, it seemed like Jodeci was bound to be one of the greatest groups of all-time. Here is the link to get your copy of their album to add to your collection. Below are the video for Forever My Lady and the track listing to their debut album.

Jodeci Forever My Lady Track Listing

  1. Stay
  2. Come and Talk to Me
  3. Forever My Lady
  4. I’m Still Waiting
  5. U & I
  6. Interlude (553-Nasty)
  7. My Phone
  8. Gotta Love
  9. Play Thang
  10. It’s Alright
  11. Treat U
  12. Xs We Share


After the success of Forever My Lady, Jodeci released Diary of a Mad Band in 1993 and The Show, The After Party, The Hotel in 1995 with both albums selling over a million records. The Diary of a Mad Band actually sold over 2 million records and it seemed like Jodeci couldn’t do any wrong, then all of a sudden, they broke up. The group battled personal demons that I’m not going to talk about and they stayed broken up between 1996-2014. During that time, they all were doing their thing and they gravitated to more of hip hop with them either doing hooks or being sampled. They have been mentioned by, featured on or sampled by some of the best rappers in the game from 2Pac, Notorious B.I.G, Jay-Z, Twista, Bun B, David Banner, J. Cole, Drake and many more. Jodeci influenced so many people, but of course they affected many of the great on the R&B side like Usher, Mariah Carey, Dru Hill, Mary J. Blige, Ginuwine, Missy Elliot and many more. If you’re a Jodeci fan or just a fan of good R&B music, let’s give props, pay tribute and bump the Forever My Lady album.


What are your thoughts about Jodeci? Do you have or listened to the Forever My lady album? What are your thoughts about Jodeci? What’s your favorite Jodeci album or track? Head to the comments section to give me some feedback.

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