Family Camping Trip
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Keeping Kids Safe on Your Family Camping Trip

Camping has always been seen as something that families have to experience. At least, that’s how it used to be. Although people exaggerate how much technology has kept us indoors, it’s true that kids these days seem to be less inclined to go camping. Or is it the kids? Maybe it’s actually the parents who have changed.

Family Camping Trip

If video games and Netflix aren’t to blame for the loss of interest in camping, what is? It could very well be the news. Think about it: the world isn’t much more dangerous that it was half a century ago. And yet the news seems to want us to think that our children will be devoured by radioactive bears if we let them go outside. Simply put, it could very well be that parents are too scared to go camping with their children!

The wilderness does, of course, some with inherent dangers. It’s unavoidable. But do we really want to teach our kids that they should just stay inside watching cartoons because the big world outside is dangerous? Here’s a quick guide to making sure your children stay safe when you’re camping.

Keeping them warm

Smaller bodies lose heat a lot quicker than bigger bodies do. It’s thermodynamics 101! It means that just because you’re not feeling very cold that it doesn’t mean your children feel the same. Another thing to consider here is that fact that adults are often more active on camping trips than children are. This means your body is warming up but their body is still losing heat.

Family Camping Trip

Obvious answer? Good outerwear! A wool sweater or a fleece will be best for keeping them warm. Make sure they’ve got some warm headwear, too. They’ll need a raincoat to keep them dry, too.

Making sure you’re all protected

Radioactive bears don’t exist, of course. But the bears that are out there can be pretty dangerous. As can many other animals that don’t take kindly to humans in what they perceive to be their private space.

Family Camping Trip

The best thing you can do here is make sure you’re not camping around any known habitats of dangerous animals. You also need to educate your children about the importance of staying away from pretty much any creature in the wild. Something that looks pretty can quite easily turn on you! But if things begin to go awry, you may want to consider other means of protection. See Chandler Rod and Gun Club for more details.

Reviewing the area first

A lot of parents bring their child to camping areas that the parents have already camped at before. In fact, many parents taken their kids to camping areas that the parents themselves were taken to as kids! If you’re in the latter category, then you should consider how long it’s been since you last camped there. Things may have changed in that area.

Family Camping Trip

If you’ve never been to that camping spot before, then this is doubly important. Before you take your children camping there, you may want to consider spending a night there by yourself. Give the place a good review to make sure it’s safe and that your maps correspond to the actual geography.

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