What Dads Can Learn from NFL Players
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What Dads Can Learn From NFL Players

Even if you’re not a hardcore sports fan, there’s a lot you can learn from watching and playing sport. Many of the life lessons you learn during the early day of school gym classes will stand you in good stead as you grow up. When you have your own kids, you can then pass on these pearls of wisdom and encourage your children to get the most out of playing sports like football. Most of us lap up the thrills and spills of professional NFL games. But if you think about it a little deeper, there’s a lot us Dads can learn from those players on the pitch.

What Dads Can Learn from NFL Players

Dedication and hard work

Yes, these players are talented and most probably have God-given attributes and abilities. But they haven’t got where they are without a lot of devotion and dedication. If you’re a professional sports player, you probably spend hours training every week and follow a rigorous routine. Over the years, you’ve probably missed out on drinking and going out with friends, lie-ins and indulgent takeouts on a Friday night. It’s not just the training that’s inspiring. It’s also the commitment on the pitch. Every player gives their all for the team, and this is a valuable life lesson for spectators of all ages.

Persistence and learning how to succeed

To make it as an NFL player, you probably have to sacrifice a lot and be prepared for rejection. Many of the top players may have faced obstacles along the way. If you get knocked down, it’s always best to jump up, rather than throwing the towel in. You often hear people saying that elite athletes are ‘born winners’. While this may be true to some extent, you don’t get there without any effort. Along the way, you learn how to be successful. Persistence is also important when it comes to making business decisions and getting the best deal. Wages are a hot topic in professional sport. Many people may think that NFL players are overpaid, but they’re only doing what all other employees do when negotiating a contract. You can find out more about NFL wages at http://www.thefootballeducator.com/anatomy-of-an-nfl-contract-negotiation-minimum-salaries/.


This is perhaps the most significant lesson sport teaches us at any level. Playing in a team builds team spirit and encourages us to work for one another. You can have all the talented individuals you like, but if you can’t work in sync, your team may still be weak.

Losing graciously

Even the best athletes lose sometimes. The sooner you learn to lose graciously, the better. This doesn’t mean that you just shrug off a defeat. You may be absolutely gutted, but there’s no need to be a bad loser. Look for the positives in every setback and build towards the next opportunity. Football is hugely entertaining, but it’s also a valuable source of life lessons. If you’re keen to find out more, check out http://health.gov/paguidelines/blog/post/the-benefits-of-playing-sports-arent-just-physical!.aspx.

Next time you’re having a kick around with your kids, think about the benefits of playing sport. Encourage playing by the rules, teamwork and dedication. You never know, you may just have a future NFL star on your hands.

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