Watching the 2016 NBA Finals
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A Guide To Watching The 2016 NBA Finals From Home In Style

With the NBA Finals underway, you will want to enjoy the remaining games in style. That might not sound so appealing for fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers, who are not playing well. But for the neutrals and, of course fans of the Golden State Warriors, there’s plenty of enjoyment to be had.

Get Your Setup Right

The television that you’re watching the game on needs to be setup correctly. If you’re inviting people over, you might want to rethink its position. It could be the case that you mount the TV to the wall for the games. This is easy enough to do with most modern flat screen TVs. And having it lifted up a little will make sure that everyone in the room can see the game clearly. Getting the settings on the TV is important too. You should make sure that motion smoothing is turned on. This is essential when you are watching fast-paced sports like basketball. And then hook up some speakers for surround sound.

Buy the Right Supplies

Then you need to buy the right supplies to make the event truly memorable. Alcohol  is a must when you are putting on an event like this in your home. People will expect a cold beer on arrival, and you will get through a lot of them if you’ve invited a lot of people over. You might also want to invest in some good cigars. These are perfect for celebrating when your team wins. You can get more information from sites like Finally, make sure you have a stock of snacks in place for everyone.

Watching the 2016 NBA Finals

Invite People Over

Next, you need to make sure that you have some people coming over to create the party atmosphere. The NBA Finals are simply not as much fun to watch alone. When you can’t get tickets to the event itself, you need to bring the event to your living room. So, invite your basketball-loving friends over. They will only want to watch the game at your place if you are offering refreshments and a good screen to watch it on though. Before everyone gets there, you should make sure you clear the space and make room for everyone to take a seat.

Watch the Fun Unfold

Finally, all you have to do is watch the games as they unfold. Who knows, it could turn out to be one of the most interesting NBA Finals in history. If the Cleveland Cavaliers were to pull off an upset at this stage, the team would go down in history. And with the great LeBron James on their side, that’s something that is certainly possible. The team could win the next three games and finish the Finals 3-2 up if they manage to put in some good performances. You can find out what James thinks of such a turnaround at  But whatever happens, it’s sure to be a thrilling finale to another season of NBA. So, put your feet up, enjoy the beer and watch the game with friends.

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