Gifts to Help New Dads
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Best Gifts to Help New Dads Survive Parenthood

Gifts to Help New Dads

New moms seem to have all the fun when it comes to receiving gifts. However, new dads also deserve some recognition, especially nowadays when men are becoming active participants in their babies’ care and upbringing. Picking out gifts for fathers needn’t be challenging either as there are a variety of gadgets and novelty items from which to choose.

Life for a new dad can be hectic. While the birth of a baby is a joyous occasion, the event has a way of turning life upside down for new parents. First-time fathers can especially feel a little blind-sided by the little bundle of joy and the overwhelming tasks required to keep them healthy and happy. There hardly seems to be enough time in the day for the endless routine of feeding, burping, bathing, and playing with the baby. Add the sleepless nights with a restless infant, and it is completely understandable for new dads to feel a bit shell-shocked.

With this in mind, it is easy to see how a gift can help cheer up and distract a frazzled father. Chosen well, the right gift can provide entertainment, help them bond with the child, or just make it easier for dads to adjust to their new roles.

Some of the best gifts to help new dads navigate parenthood include:

A manly backpack diaper bag

An excellent gift for dads on the run, this diaper bag can be worn like a backpack, leaving the hands free for other things. It also looks cool and has multiple compartments to pack in baby wipes, toys, diapers, and other essentials for the baby. This bag is a lifesaver and makes it easy to tote all the baby necessities around without looking overly girly or stressed out.

An ergonomic baby carrier

Other than a diaper bag, an ergonomic baby carrier is another hit among the daddy crowd. This carrier differs from traditional ones in that it distributes the baby’s weight evenly along dad’s shoulders and hips, minimizing back strain. This makes it easy too for dad to carry the baby around as he prepares meals or soothes the baby to sleep. It also comes in handy when taking walks to the market or store.

A carrier bike

Who needs to walk when they can ride? Active dads will just love the new crop of carrier bikes on the market. This is a novel way to take Junior out to see the world while running errands and squeezing in some exercise at the same time. Some newer carrier bike models can even convert to strollers for added convenience when going to the local store. For additional grip on the handlebars and extra hand protection, dads can wear light-up bicycle gloves.

A hammock

There are few things more peaceful in life than swinging in a hammock in the backyard on a quiet day. Fathers everywhere will welcome the chance to take a break from a chaotic and noisy house to relax and unwind on this gift. A hammock is an ideal place for dad to sneak in a quick nap, catch up on some reading, or just lie back and contemplate his new life.

An awesome camera

A camera can be an awesome gift for a first-time father. He can put it to good use capturing all the cute and silly moments of his baby’s life and store them for posterity. A video camera can serve the same purpose with the additional benefit of allowing a proud father to create those precious memories in the form of family movies. Cameras or camcorders with good battery life and extended memory space can come in handy during special family occasions such as birthdays and holidays.

Wireless speakers or headphones

Wireless speakers are perfect gifts and can help busy fathers to calm down while listening to soothing music after a stressful day. There’s quite a large selection available on the market, and the latest models allow individuals to seamlessly connect and play music from a variety of devices. Fathers who are worried about interrupting their babies’ sleep with music can easily switch to headphones and lose themselves in their favorite playlists.

Matching T-shirt and onesie sets

Mommy-and-me matching clothing is common, so why not shake things up with a daddy-and-me outfit? Fashion-forward fathers and dads with a sense of humor will appreciate matching T-shirt and onesie sets, especially those that feature humorous images or writing. These clothing sets can also feature dad’s favorite soccer, basketball, or other sports team.

Dads, just like moms, are thrilled to receive gifts that recognize their new status and parenting role. The few above are just some of the gifts that they might appreciate. Those buying gifts should ensure that they are useful and suit the recipient’s personality and character.

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