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Share Great Moments with the Xfinity Share App

XFINITY partnered with bloggers such as me for this program. As part of this program, I received compensation for my time. They did not tell me what to purchase or what to say about any product mentioned in these posts. XFINITY believes that consumers and bloggers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. XFINITY’s policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, FTC guidelines and social media engagement recommendations.


Life today consists of very busy friends and family scattered across the world trying to keep in touch with one another as best they can. XFINITY’s Share app allows you to stay in touch even better than before!If you haven’t heard XFINITY’s Share App lets you stream videos live from your smart phone to your TV, allows you to share photos from your phone, and gives you the ability to save them in the Share App on your TV for easier access in the future. You can now share and relive your beach vacation on the biggest screen in your house! This is great for rewatching piano recitals, awards ceremonies, and more with your family far or near.

XFINITY’s Share app

If your children are like mine they play sports so why not share their athletic feats with grandma, even if she lives states away. She can simply watch from her television set! Want to see your nephew graduate, but can’t make it to the ceremony? Have someone attending live-stream it for you! The Share App lets users broadcast whatever they see in real time to television sets that also have the app. The Share App can keep you in touch with your favorite people, no matter how far away they may be.


With Father’s Day coming around  having XFINITY’s Share App , is a great way to stay connected with all the important fathers in your life.  The Share App is a gift that will keep dad involved with his grandkids, kids, and his friends. Now he can see photos and videos of those he loves on his TV while he relaxes in his favorite recliner. Keeping in touch has never been so interactive and easy! Sure, there are other photo sharing apps available, but this is the only one that allows you to share the image on your TV- arguably the biggest screen in your home!

Want more from XFINITY? Comcast is giving you more! The new movie “The Secret Life of Pets” by Universal have multiple trailers for your to watch through the service, already! How awesome is it that Comcast has entertainment and movies available to their customers like that? Universal movies we’ve enjoyed in the past two years are “Minions,” “Jurassic World,” and “The Boxtrolls.”

Do you ever wonder what your pets are doing when you aren’t home? With XFINITY Home continuous video monitoring, you can! In  the new movie “The Secret Life of Pets,” the pets may be sneaky and keeping things from their owners, but if you have 24/7 Video Recording, you can record, rewind and review up to 10 days of footage in and around your home to see what Fido and his buddies are really up to. Those mysterious broken vases and messes in the house will no longer be a secret!

You can also look back to see when packages are delivered with motion-triggered events, which are captured throughout the day. Want to know if your kids made it home from school? Want to keep an eye on the house when on vacation? Need to check in on the babysitter? You can do all of that with XFINTIY Home. You can’t do it with Google Fiber. Another bonus to the XFINITY Home monitoring system is that it could lower your homeowners’ insurance by up to 20 percent! So, it saves you money while giving you peace of mind. That’s a deal you can’t pass up!


In the comments below tell me if you have tried the XFINITY’s Share App and how you use it to keep in touch?

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