Father's Day Gifts
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Great Father’s Day Gifts Men Really Want

Father's Day Gifts

Don’t get dad just another pair of slippers, a tie, or a card this year. Get him something he really wants! While that may be very different for different men, this list is sure to have something that the man in your life wants for Father’s Day. From husband to boyfriend, dad to uncle, and every man in between- make this Father’s Day the best one, yet!

For the traveler in your life

Pick up a great luggage set. Check out these sets from Expert World Travel. Too expensive? Just one leather carry-on bag will do the trick! It makes a statement and is something that is sure to be used on the next trip your guy takes.

For the pampered man

Spa day gift card! No, they aren’t just for women and men who have never had the pleasure of a spa day will really enjoy this gift.

For the coffee lover

Make a basket with a fancy coffee, a French Press, a whole bean grinder, a mug, and some flavor add-ins. It’s sure to be a WOW gift he will want to use right away!

For the phone lover

Pick up a fancy wood-carved phone cover. They get a little steep in price, but you can find some that are reasonable and they definitely add a touch of class to a phone.

For the man who loves baseball caps

Get him out of his comfort zone and buy him a golfer hat, a fedora, a sun hat, or something dressier. Now, he can wear a hat even with his Sunday best.

For the entrepreneur

Got a man who is always working, even when he’s not? Get him a planner. Leather bound monthly planner and note-keeper is perfect for the man who needs to stay organized while he works his way to the top.

For the outdoors-man

Cooking outdoors is one of the hardest things about camping, but there are outdoor cooking lines that make cookware specifically for open flames. Let your man be a gourmet chef, even when he’s in the middle of nowhere.

For the athlete

If your guy likes to stay fit, help him by getting him a Fitbit or other type of technology that tracks his performance. Also look into a new pair of shoes and a workout outfit to help him stay in style this summer as he works out.

For the comic book junkie

Get him a nice bow-tie and cuff-links of his favorite characters, or a coffee mug, t-shirt, sunglasses, and more. Comic books are really big right now, so this one is pretty easy but sure to make your geek-at-heart dad happy.

For the music lover

An iTunes gift card and some great headphones and you are all set with this one! Add in a cool candle or some cologne if you feel like a gift-card isn’t enough.

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