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Beef Up the Summer with Pup-Peroni Dog Treats

This post is sponsored by Pup-Peroni but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Pup Peroni

I’ll be honest, being a pet owner is somewhat like being a parent, with Marley, our dog; he acts like one of the kids to the point. I carry him around like a baby. With him being a house dog, most of the times when he’s upstairs you can find him under me either watching TV or getting that belly rubbed. What’s cool about Marley is that he’ll give you a certain look and run to the door whenever it’s time for him to handle his business outside.

Before getting him, I wasn’t too keen on the idea of having a dog because I was still enjoying keeping my youngest daughter at home with me every day after I get off work in the mornings. After a while, she was pushing to get a dog, so we went into a place that was recommended by a couple of close friends, and he gravitated to us. That was over eight years ago, and I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m more attached to him than anyone and have been since we brought him home. He’s been an excellent dog who looks forward to being rewarded with dog treats when he’s been good or some back in from the outside.

One of his favorite treats come from Pup-Peroni, which I’m glad he loves them because they’re made with real meat with great taste that Marley loves. Recently, I got the chance to try three different flavors of the Pup-Peroni treats: Prime Rib, Original Beef and SWAG!! Do you have a dog that you’re crazy about like me, if so how about beefing up your summer with Pup-Peroni by taking their quiz for your chance to win some great prizes, and a one-year supply of Pup-Peroni dog treats! It’s really easy and below is my results!!


You’re going on a road trip. Is your dog in or out?

Marley doesn’t like riding in the car much, as a matter of fact the only time he does ride is to the vet and that’s because it’s less than five minutes away from the house. But as long as you pack the car with snacks, he’ll pretty much go anywhere just not for a long ride.

You’re at the dog park and your dog’s saying to his friends________.

Let’s get this clear, Marley doesn’t like any other dogs around him nor does he entertain friends. He loves to relax, so my answer for this question is he’ll be over here in the shade with me.

It’s Saturday night. What’s your dog thinking?

Most of our Saturday nights consists of a family movie or we’ll lay around to watch some shows we have on DVR. No matter what we’re doing, it’s always cuddle time for Marley and you have to throw in an additional belly rub in the process.


After taking the Pup-Peroni quiz, you have to sign up to see your results and be entered for your chance to win. You can either use your Facebook information or enter your email address along with the first and last name, then verify you’re 18 years of age or older. Below that you’ll find the Beef up Your Summer Sweepstakes Official Rules and most importantly, best of luck in winning some great prizes. As far as Marley, he’s a luxury lapdog, which means he has good taste and knows it! Summertime is his time to shine and show off her studded collar. I don’t know about the part about the collar, but everything else is on point when you describe Marley!!

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