Major Sporting Events in 2017
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Major Worldwide Sporting Events in 2017

Between the Olympics and the World Cup, 2016 promises to be one of the biggest years for international sporting events. While many aren’t looking past 2016 yet, there are many major, worldwide sporting events in 2017 to look forward to. The following list of sporting events spans various sports, multiple continents, and different times of the year. With this list, you ought to be able to find an event that you can look forward to marking down on your calendar. From tennis to beach soccer, from summer to winter, this list has a little something for every diehard sports fan.

2017 Boston Marathon

The world’s oldest annual marathon is the most well-known of the World Marathon Majors. Allowing for 500,000 spectators, there are tickets available for all that want to attend. Being the year after the Olympics, there will surely be a lot of new faces competing in the 2017 Boston Marathon after seeing inspiring runs for the gold. If you really want to watch every inch of the Boston Marathon, you might consider participating in it. If you’ve got what it takes to run 26.2 miles, be one of the 30,000+ that participates in the event next year.

2017 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup

Major Sporting Events in 2017

It isn’t the real world cup, but for those that need their futbol fix, the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup is a close second. Unlike the Boston Marathon that has a rich history, the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup is a fairly new sporting event–as far as sporting events go. This biennial event is great for world travelers because it will be hosted in the Bahamas. For those that want a relaxing break from the cold, this is an ideal vacation spot. Ironically, Russia, a country that most don’t think of when it comes to sandy beaches, stands a really good chance of taking on last tournament’s victors, Portugal.

2017 Australian Open

The 2017 Australian Open is a must-attend event for tennis fans. While there are other Grand Slam tennis events worth checking out later on in the year, the Australian Open is worth the hype it is already receiving in the press. In fact, this event has been referred to as “the biggest event of the decade” by QueenOfTickets, due to the expected attendance, the players expected to participate, and the entertainment that will be present during the tournament.

Starting in January, over 700,000 tennis fans will gather in Melbourne Park to cheer on greats such as Roger Federer, Novak Djokovis and Maria Sharapova will be competing to advance in the Grand Slam tournament.

2017 Rugby League World Cup

 Major Worldwide Sporting Events in 2017

If you’ve never watched rugby before, this should be a sport that you take interest in from now on. Everyone knows that the heart of rugby beats from down under; therefore, it should be no shock that two of the best teams, Australia and New Zealand, will be hosting the 2017 Rugby League World Cup (along with Papua New Guinea). If you’re not sure whether or not this is something you might be interested in attending, it isn’t too late to plan to watch the tournament this year on tv and make a decision about attending next year’s World Cup in person. Whether you attend these events or try to find other events closer to home, make sure you embrace worldwide sporting events in 2017 the same way you are in 2016.

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