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Looking For A New Sport? Here Are 4 You Haven’t Considered

If you are keen to widen your skill set this year, then you might like to consider taking up a new sport. Similarly, if you have come to realize that you need to get a bit more exercise in, there is one sure way to do it. Taking up a new sport is an exhilarating and enjoyable way to pass the time. And with the height of summer just around the corner, what better time to take up something new than now? Even better, if you can find a few friends to take up a new sport with you, then you are sure to really enjoy it. This is what summer is made for, so let’s have a look at some of the sports you might not have considered.

New Sport


If you are keen to work on developing your muscles, then there are not many sports better for you than this. Rowing is a classic sport which requires a great deal of skill, stamina and strength. Of course, this makes it the ideal sport to take up with your buddies this year. What’s more, there is a nice level of healthy competition to it. Not so much that you end up killing each other, but not so little that it’s boring. With rowing, you have a happy middle ground for everyone involved.


If, like many, you had the unconscious notion that polo is reserved for the posh and rich, then you are mistaken. While it might have had certain connotations in the past, these days it is a diverse sport which anybody can get behind. In polo, the aim is to move the polo ball down-field, and hit the ball through the goal for a score. This, of course, is made a little more difficult by the fact that you are on horseback the entire time. If you are interested in trying something new, why not don your Polo Kits and get started today?


A British classic, and one which is great for all-round sportsmanship. The great thing about cricket is its sheer diversity. There are so many different ways to play this sport that you would be forgiven for thinking it is more than one game. Of course, when you are just starting, you don’t want to be playing any Test matches. These have been known to go on for days at a time, so it is unlikely that a newcomer would fair very well. Nonetheless, for a sport which you can play with all your friends, cricket is a great way to go this summer.


MMA, or Mixed Martial Arts, might not be a sport as such, but it is extremely beneficial for you. In both a physical and a psychological sense, this is one pastime which is likely to benefit you significantly in a short space of time. If you are curious as to what is involved, think a combination of every martial fighting style you can imagine. This can be a real fun one if you get plenty of people involved.

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