5 Ways to Ramp up Your Workout Now Summer is Here


Summer is finally here, and while you may not be ready to bare your arms or show off those abs, you can get there quickly with a few tricks to ramp up your workouts now that summer have arrived. These tips are easy to follow and can work whether you are a beginner or an experienced fitness lover, so lets workout together.

Try a new routine

Yep, this is pretty basic, but it is true. Trying new routines can help you through a plateau or help you get over the slump you may be feeling toward your workout. If you do cardio regularly, try yoga for a switch, or some barre workouts. This can give your body a shock and your mind a break from workout monotony.

Try an app

Using an app to give you tips on ways to change your workouts, or to motivate you, can really help you get more focused on your health. There are tons of apps out there for fitness, so you can choose the one that will best suit your lifestyle. Most are free, and the ones that do cost are usually very inexpensive for what you get with them.

Change your playlist

Sometimes, all you need is a change to your music selection to help get you motivated to workout. If you generally listen to dance hits, try some old school hip hop to mix it up. Just a funky new beat may be all you need to get back to tip top performance.

Increase and decrease

Increase weights/decrease reps, or increase reps and keep weights the same. Either way, you will jolt your body because it isn’t used to the changes you are making. It can be a challenge both physically and mentally, which may be the small change it takes to get your body ready for summer.

Set a new goal

Sometimes, the only motivation you need is to see a goal and go for it. Write it down. Post a picture. Tell your friends and family about it. Make sure your goal is tangible and clear, and then go for it. Mark your progress and when you reach your goal, celebrate. A goal is a great way to make your workouts worth it, and the mental aspect of a workout can sometimes overcome the physical challenges to help you get into it more. When you are focused, you can do more for your health than if you are nonchalant about your workouts. If all else fails, you could get yourself a personal trainer. For example, depending on where you’re located, you could hire this personal trainer in Singapore to help with your workouts.

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