Activities to do with your kids this Summer

5 Alternative Activities To Do With Your Kids This Summer

Activities to do with your kids this Summer

If your kids have just finished school for the summer, then they’re going to have a lot of free time on their hands. That means your parenthood skills need to be on point for the next six weeks whilst your kids are away from education. Don’t worry, though, Dads, we’ve got you covered. Here are five alternative activities to do with your children over the summer break.


Get your surfing gear on and hit the beach! A bunch of O’Neill wetsuits all round, or something similar, is a must have for you and your children this summer. If you’re one of those Dads who is trying to encourage their kids to become interested in fitness, then this is one of the first steps along the way. It will take a while to get your kids good enough at surfing to join you on those crashing waves, but the learning process is all part of the fun, after all.


In Europe, the continental soccer championships are currently taking place. This is inspiring kids everywhere across the country to get off their backsides and onto the soccer field. Dads, have your kids replicate their favorite European stars in your own backyard, such as Cristiano Ronaldo or Mesut Ozil. Who knows, if your kids enjoy soccer enough, then they may join a mini league and play with other local kids every weekend. Now, that’ll be sweet.


Another great team builder between you and you kids is gardening. If you’ve got a lot of open space in your backyard and think that it could go to better use. Then, why not draw up a plan for a project in your very own garden that the kids could help with too. Whether it is laying down some new decking or simply covering the ground with a fresh layer of lawn. Your kids are bound to enjoy all the fun and games that comes with being in the outdoors. What’s the worst that can happen? Get outside with them!

Build A Tree house

Once you and your children have established that the outside is a seriously cool place to be. Then, why not give them a place of outdoor residence? Not sure what we’re on about? Build them a tree house, of course! Like with the gardening, your children can help you build their own epic, little den. Tree house construction is incredibly cool and super fun. Even us Dads love a good hideout now and again! A kid’s Dad shouldn’t need too much convincing to get the saw and the hammer out and start turning some planks of wood into a children’s play home.

Teach Them An Instrument

Finally, if the outdoors and your kids don’t agree with one another, then there is still plenty that you can do with them inside. So, why not teach your child a musical instrument? If you are musically sound and fancy your chances of success when teaching music to your youngest, then why not give it a shot? It’s probably best to teach them an instrument that you actually know, of course!

Ultimately, any of these super fun and alternative activities will definitely make your children’s summers.

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