Monday Night Raw Tampa
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Monday Night Raw Review from Tampa, Florida

Monday Night Raw Tampa

Welcome to another edition of Monday Night Raw with it taking place in Tampa, Florida. With so much going in the WWE with the announcement of Brock Lesnar being on the cover of WWE 2K17 and the suspension of Roman Reigns. With the Battleground PPV taking place in about 4 weeks, let’s see how things will turn out as we head towards the WWE Draft taking place on July 19th, live on Smackdown. Last week was another impressive edition of Monday Night Raw and hopefully things continue in that direction. Let’s get started!!


Opening Segment: Seth Rollins opened Monday Night Raw and he acknowledged that Roman Reigns was suspended, plus he talked about why he was suspended. After saying he wanted to face Ambrose in a 1-on-1 match because Reigns didn’t deserve to be included in the match. A.J. Styles came out and said it should remain a triple threat match, but with him replacing Reigns and that brought out John Cena. Cena mentioned that he should face Ambrose for the title and the last time they faced each other, he beat Ambrose with the title on the line. Stephanie McMahon came out and made a match between Rollins/Cena and Ambrose/Styles and if Cena or Styles were to win they would be added to the title match at the Battleground PPV.


Sasha Banks & Paige vs. Charlotte & Dana Brooke: It was good seeing Banks in action on Monday Night Raw and she got the win for her team by hitting the Banks Statement on Dana Brooke.


Titus O’Neil vs. Rusev: This feud is starting to pick up and grow on me, which is something I didn’t expect. These two have been really physical with one another and I really like it.

John Cena vs. Seth Rollins: This was a really good, PPV quality match between these two. The finish came when the Club came out to distract Cena allowing Rollins to hit the Pedigree to pick up the victory.

Highlight Reel with Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens: This was a pretty personal segment with Jericho, Owens & Zayn talked about the history between them and they eventually agreed on having their final encounter at the Battleground PPV. In the end, Zayn & Owens gave Jericho the boot at the same time to end the segment.


Cesaro & Apollo Crews vs. Sheamus & Alberto Del Rio: I’m really confused because towards the end of the match, Del Rio hit Sheamus with the Enzuguri before walking out on him. Crews pinned Sheamus afterwards!!! Did you hear that reaction from the crowd for Del Rio?

New Day/Wyatt Family: New Day came out dressed as the Wyatts and cut a pretty hilarious promo about them. While they were still cutting their promo they were interrupted by the Wyatt Family. Will Xavier Woods eventually leave the New Day because he acts crazy whenever Bray Wyatt comes around?

Dean Ambrose vs. A.J. Styles: The math was good and towards the end of the match, The Club came down to distract Ambrose, but Cena came down to attack Gallows & Anderson, which caused Styles to get hit with Dirty Deeds. After the match, Rollins hit Ambrose with a couple of Pedigrees while The Club beat Cena down up the ramp.


Enzo & Big Cass vs. 2 Jobbers: I don’t know why they faced a couple of jobbers; maybe it’s got to do with the possible injury to Simon Gotch of the Vaudevillians.


Becky Lynch vs. Summer Rae: The math never took place because when Becky Lynch entered the ring she immediately jumped out of the ring to attach Natalya. This feud hasn’t grown on me yet, but I still think this could be pretty good.


Miz vs. Kane: Corporate Kane ordered the Miz that he must defend the Intercontinental title since he’s been gone filming a movie and the opponent will be a mystery. The opponent was “Demon” Kane, need I say more. This could have been a number of people or someone new, but Kane.


Overall Rating: 7/10- This was another good edition of Monday Night Raw and hopefully this continues even after the WWE Draft. My only gripes were Enzo & Big Cass facing a couple of jobbers, I’m still not feeling the Natalya/Becky Lynch feud yet and Demon Kane getting an Intercontinental championship match.


Top 5 Happenings on Monday Night Raw

  1. John Cena vs. Seth Rollins
  2. Opening Segment
  3. Dean Ambrose vs. A.J. Styles
  4. New Day Dressed Like the Wyatt Family
  5. Highlight Reel with Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens


What did you think about this edition of Monday Night Raw? What are your thoughts about the feud between The Club and John Cena? What did you think about the New Day dressing up as the Wyatt Family? Leave all your comments about Monday Night Raw at the bottom of the page in the comments section.

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