5 Helpful Accessories You Need to Be an Amazing Businessman


When you’re trying to juggle businessmanship and being a father, you’re definitely very pressed for time. Being a dad is enough of a burden on your time without there being your professional business side to maintain as well!

So how do we keep a good balance of our time here? And how can we keep our head in the game when we’re trying to be a little more professional? It’s simple: we get the right accessories. You need to act and look the part if you want to get the business focus you need you need to succeed. Practical and stylish, these items are necessities if you want to succeed in your business pursuits. (And impress your kid with how smart daddy looks!)


I’m going to assume that you’ve already got a mobile phone. So I’ll just jump straight to tablets! Of course, a tablet shouldn’t replace a laptop, the way many people think it can. If you need to do a lot of typing, then you’re better off doing all of that with a laptop. (It’s a pain to do it on a tablet – although you can get Bluetooth keyboards which might help!) Tablets will allow you access to the cloud on a more business-like, bigger screen than your phone offers.


Notepad and pen

So you’ve got the ability to type things out wherever you go. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t carry some of the more classic writing methods with you! Keep a notepad and a pen in any breast pockets. You may think to yourself that you won’t use them. But trust me, you’ll end up reaching for them in no time to write down notes and reminders!


Again, all of this mobile technology hasn’t superseded the need for more classic business items! Despite the fact that the time is available on all our mobile devices, it’s still quicker to flick our wrists and check a watch. The ones that fit best with a professional image are classic simple watches. There are few items out there that marry style and practicality with such an amazing effect!


Business card

There are a lot of dads in business out there that have to work from home quite often. When this is the case, it can be harder for a new business associate to get in touch with you. After all, they can’t just reach you from the office! This isn’t the only reason that business cards are useful, of course, but it may be the one most relevant to us. In any case, they remain the best, flashiest, most professional way to exchange vital information.

Business apps

Of course, our mobile phones remain one of the best business accessories we could possibly have. And pretty much all of us already have one. But that doesn’t mean it’s quite ready to be a business accessory yet. If you want your mobile to be business-ready, you need to equip it with the right apps. Things like Google Drive and Google Docs often come pre-installed on Android phones, which is very useful. But there are several other business apps out there that you my find very useful.

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