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Easy Ways to Use My Ham Radio

Ham Radio

Using DX radio stations is not as hard as it may seem at first sight. You do not have to obtain some special knowledge or skills. The FCC examination will provide you with general ham radio info that you can easily implement when operating in real time. On the other hand, you will need to follow some strict legislation and regulations established by the government many years ago. They are not to limit your privileges and tuning opportunities. The main mission is to established user-friendly environment within amateur radio community and avoid any types of critical situations.

DX radio brings lots of fun to all its hams. However, beginners may be a bit confused from the very start not knowing what to do with their DX radio stations. The hobby is all about making contacts. The only difference is when, why and how you make those contacts. For this reason, we offer several ways to use your gear and get excited from the action.

Emergency Warning

Many hams team up to form special groups that establish efficient cooperation with various public services, rescue teams and other organizations. The main mission is to lend them a hand in case of emergency or disaster. Ham radio lets you inform people on the upcoming disaster as well as contact public services whenever all other networks are unavailable. In other words, a ham can appear to be your lifesaver and the only communication source. There have been numerous examples when people were trapped in their homes due to hurricanes and earthquakes. Amateur radio operators were the only ones to inform about what was going on and what to do next.

Transatlantic and Space Contacts

Ham radio lets you keep in touch with operators from different states, cities and countries. Moreover, you can establish your contact with operators from space. It appears that many astronauts are also involved for this hobby. They take all necessary gear and equipment to the space station or shuttle and make transmit signals from space.

No matter if you are planning to contact a spaceship, send an emergency warning or simply order pizza, ham radio will bring you an unforgettable experience with so much fun and excitement. The only thing left is to obtain your license and purchase all necessary equipment. You can find useful purchasing tips in numerous articles available in the web as well as in amateur radio magazines. Keep in touch with the latest and join your local community of devoted hams.

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