Golfin with Children
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The Best Tips for Golfing with Children

Golfin with Children

Golfing is often seen as a “dad sport”. Something tells me that’s supposed to be slightly disparaging, but hey! Why not embrace it? Golfing is a wonderful activity, and it’s no wonder that many golfing dads would like to see their children play it too.

Here are some tips for golfing with children!

Do they want to do it?

Of course, if your kid doesn’t actually have any interest in golf then I’d probably advise against you pressuring them into it. But these days, of course, kids can easily dismiss a fun physical activity because they would rather stay inside and play video games! So it’s worth taking them out with you at least once to see if it stimulates their interest. Remember that hobbies and skills will only be pursued adequately if the person wants to do them. Their heart simply won’t be in it enough if they’re not interested!

Finding a good resort

Something that parents usually have the most difficulty with is finding the right place for both adults and kids. It’s a difficult balance to find. Adults will want bigger, more challenging courses. Kids, especially beginners, will need something smaller and less complex.

Golfing with Children

So the aim shouldn’t be to find a course that can fit the both of you. You’re much better off looking at family-oriented resorts. At first, you will have to make do with slightly less challenging courses as your child learns the ropes. The benefits of a family-oriented course are that there’s less pressure on you to “move along”. On a regular course, people are going to get frustrated very easily if you don’t take your shots with appropriate speed. There’s more information about family-friendly golf resorts at

The right golf clubs

Often, a golf resort will provide you with the clubs you need. You’ll have to rent them, of course, unless you have a long-term membership. Most people prefer to have their own clubs. It isn’t just about relieving yourself of the need to rent clubs. It’s also about the quality of the clubs.

Golfing with Children

If you want to take golfing with your kid seriously, then you need to consider the quality of the clubs quite a bit. The make of a club, as well as the variety available to you, encourages strategic thinking. It helps get good habits into the system. For yourself, you may want to look into high-tier clubs. For kids, you may be able to find a smaller edition of the clubs you’re looking at! Be sure to research golf club reviews, such as the ones you can find on

Patience, rewards, and discipline

Golfing doesn’t have the visceral thrill that comes with most other sports. It’s a game that requires patience and strategic thought. It’s much more akin to chess than it is to, say, football!

Golfing with Children

So kids shouldn’t be thrown into some ultra-formal and strict style of golfing play. It needs to be kept fun and rewarding until they get the hang of the more complex features of the sport. Read more about teaching kids the rewards of golf at

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