Help Kids Learn About Music

Expert Tips To Help Your Kids Learn About Music

Music is a big part of life, whether you’re old, young – or somewhere in between. For our children, it’s a valuable after-school hobby that could – with the right help – turn into a promising career. And as dads, it’s our job to help our children hone those talents and become all-stars in all things music! After you’ve tried (and failed) to get your kids to adopt your own musical tastes, it’s time to turn your attention to theirs. Here’s how to help your children nurture their musical ability!

Tip 1: Pay for special music classes

Help Kids Learn About Music

The bank of mom and dad is one that never stops giving – sorry, parents. As such, perhaps some professional musical classes could be the best way to help your child grow. Most of these take place after school, which is obviously ideal. They aren’t cheap (teachers typically charge by the hour) but the results will be big. All you have to hope is that there’s a teacher in your local area who works on the instrument your child prefers. And, unless that instrument is something completely random, like a banjo, it’s likely you’ll have no trouble.

Tip 2: School them from home

Help Your Kids Learn About Music

If money is a bit tight and those expensive classes aren’t an option, perhaps some cheaper home schooling is in order. Of course, if your musical prowess only extends to drunken karaoke, then you have a problem here. It’s unlikely you’ll be efficient with your child’s instrument, so you have to get creative. Instead of focusing on instrument-specific advice, give them more general music advice. For example, you could help them practice their tempo by looking at a metronome online. Tempo and listening out for patterns are key skills no matter the instrument, so your child will need practice. Or, you could teach them more generic skills like how to tune a guitar – information anyone can access online. You won’t have to be a pro to at least offer some small, helpful nuggets.

Tip 3: Rope in the siblings

Help Your Kids Learn About Music

Children love to copy their older siblings. Young children are extremely impressionable, and will be more inclined to learn if they see an elder doing the same. This in mind, you could see if all your children are interested in music, so they can play and learn together. This is also a great way to allow your children to bond over a mutual passion, which should create a stronger sibling relationship.

Tip 4: Take them to watch similar musicians

Help Your Kids Learn About Music

If your local area has a small music scene, you could try getting your child into it. By watching people who can play well, kids can see how certain tricks and movements are done. Alternatively, you can get them to watch clips of talented musicians on YouTube, for research. By showing your child footage of the best people in the world, they can become inspired and motivated to reach those heights. And that’s your lot! Do you have any music-coaching tips for our kids? Whatever your thoughts, let us know on our social media pages!

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