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New Music: J-Coop Welcome to Atlanta

J-Coop Welcome to Atlanta

Atlanta has undoubtedly bloomed into the premiere southern city and arguably that of the whole east coast. Over the past few decades, the city coined as the “Hollywood of the South” has retained notoriety thanks to the Braves popularity in the mid-90s, the Dungeon Family’s far reaching and broad levels of success, the 96 Olympics, Michael Vick and the most ratchet gathering in American history – Freaknik.

Because of the city’s constant emergence over the past 20 years, dreamers and go-getters have rapidly migrated to the area in hopes of striking gold just as many did during California’s gold rush. Above all the clutter and brevity of illumination arises the Southside player, J-Coop.

After releasing “Good Day ATLanta” in 2015, Coop has continued to introduce spectators to his art through live shows, touring and a releasing new material. Albeit, it’s probable that none are more special than the magnificent and magnetic ode to his hometown, “Welcome to Atlanta”; the 2nd track off his “Good Day ATLanta” LP.

Captured and edited by fellow Winning Team creative Abib Jahleel, the video adequately brings to life the vibrant energy of the greatest city in the nation. A solid track laced with a great video equals a special treat!


J-Coop – Welcome to ATLanta (Official Music Video) from Winning Team Ent. on Vimeo.


Everyone that follows Daddy’s Hangout, please welcome the homie Rod McCoy to the team as he’ll be writing music articles going forward. If the name looks familiar, he’s been featured several times on the site as he’s one of the best independent artists on the hip hop scene in Atlanta. He’s currently on on his Daylight Savings Tour throughout the Southern region, so make sure you follow him on Twitter to see when he’s coming to a town near you.

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