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Let’s All Put An End to Racism in America


Last week was one of the most horrifying, unrealistic and dramatic weeks that I could remember. First we had the murder of Alton Sterling in front of his kids outside a convenience store while he sold CDs in Baton Rouge, followed by the tragic killing of Philando Castile while in the car with his girlfriend in Minnesota, and then we had the tragic incident in Dallas where a sniper killed 5 police officers in the process and now we have more cops killed in Baton Rouge. The first two crimes happened when Sterling and Castile were gunned down by officers, which lead to the unfortunate situation in Dallas where a black man was targeting white cops. All of this, while there are some people don’t believe that racism still exist in the United States. I, for one believe it still does and I believe it’s reached an all-time high. Also, check out this amazing article that was posted on the Huffington Post and let me know what you think about it.

Does Racism Really Still Exist?

If you follow the news, then you can pretty much agree that hell yeah, racism is alive and well all across the world. Some would argue that the media is to blame for most of it, but are they really to blame for all the tension going on amongst us all? Yes, the media definitely plays their part in the matter, but if you have a Facebook or Twitter account I’m pretty sure you have witnessed quite a bit on your timeline. With some of the things your so-called “friends” have share or you check out some of the comments they make on other people’s page on Facebook or you may have gotten into it and their true feelings are shown, trust me it’s happened more than a few times to me. Trust me, on my personal Facebook page I’ve unfriended more than my fair share of people because while I respect others opinion I don’t condone racist shit and I don’t care if you’re black or white, there’s no room for racism or negative people in my life.

Black Lives Matter

This is one topic that has been brought up so many times on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook that I have stopped responding to people anymore. I’ve been tagged a couple of times recently on Facebook asking me what my personal opinion about it, but when those issues come up from now on I’m going to just post the link to this article and tell them to comment here and I’ll respond………..hey I’m trying to find ways to network lol. Now back to the Black Lives Matter statement, this will be my last time explaining the sentiment; we’re not saying our lives are more important than any other race, but simply our lives matter also. So many people always think it means that Black lives are more valuable than Whites, Latinos or any other race; NO it’s just saying please QUIT TRYING TO FIND WAYS TO JUSTIFY THESE KILLINGS, because no one should be murdered.

What’s The Solution?

We have had so many people speak out about what’s going on in the word today from Carmelo Anthony and countless other athletes, stars and TV personalities to stop the violence and do something about it. The question is, do I have a solution to end this mess that’s going on today in what seems like an everyday occurrence. All I know is that it’s going to take everyone coming together and showing each other love, but the sad part is that I don’t ever seeing that happening, especially in my lifetime and believe it will continue to get worse because getting better. Below I think are a couple of things that could go a long way in helping ease the tension in some ways.


It’s hard to believe some of the things people say online whenever one of these tragedies occurs. I’ve seen where people were cheering the murders of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, Trayvon Martin, cops and countless others, which I think is despicable. First off, we need to acknowledge there’s a problem in the world and whether it’s coming from the cops, media, people, admit there’s a problem. I truly believe that other cops know when there’s a bad cop on the force, hell I believe the entire department knows about it, just take a look at the countless people whose talked about corrupted cops and got fired for it.

What People Don’t Understand

Recently I’ve had a few childhood friends tag me in a few post on Facebook talking about we never had any racial issues between students when we were growing up in the late-80s to the mid-90s. My reaction is that I agree with them 100 percent because when I was younger and played sports, I spent many nights over my white friends house and was treated no differently than any other kids. To be honest, one of my coaches always referred to me as his 3rd son, so the racism thing is something I didn’t have problems with until a few run-ins with the cops. Trust me, I wasn’t the so-called thug running around the neighborhood doing crazy stuff nor was I a trouble maker, but some reason I was pulled over multiple times because of the “you fit the description of someone we’re looking for” statement. While that was very troubling, I also experienced cops harassing someone my age by trying to plant drugs on him while telling us to mind our fucking business when we called them on out on it. Although I’ve had my share of issues with the cops, my senior year I worked at a fast food restaurant and became friends with the security guy who was a city cops also. He became someone that I considered him a friend to the point of inviting him to play ball with my friends when he got the chance, but he said he was too old to play ball. Through out friendship, I talked to him about everything, including why I disliked cops until i met him and he understood because he said he believed there were bad cops. Fast forward, now that I have a 17-year-old son who just got his first car and it’s hard to believe that I have to teach him about not reaching for your wallet because I fear for him being shot. My son doesn’t fit the “description” and he’s always been taught how to be respectful of others and never had any issues with any authority figure, but is that enough?

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  • Patrick

    Please listen to Stefan Molyneux’s videos on the matter. He gives all the facts and explains them in a simple and objective matter.
    Blacks are responsible for 50% of violent crime despite being 12% of the population.
    If you honestly believe there are no consequences from this violent behaviour, then you are not following reason.
    They died because they resisted arrests and also featured a long criminal record. Castile was stopped 55 times, if the cops were racist they would not of waited until the 55th to kill him. As for Alton, he raped an underage girl for starters and there is so much more.
    Police are the solution to violent crime. We need more policing not less as Black Lives Matter desires.
    They are beloved by criminals and are criminals and simply wish to reduce policing so that they can commit more crime safely. Police and Criminals are natural adversaries.

    • Travis

      Nice reply, there are other violent criminals out there and they’re not being killed or deserve to be killed. If all of that is true, then we need to look at the court system. With the Sterling incident, it doesn’t matter what he’s done in the past they didn’t have the right to kill him. There are teachers and other people that we’re told to respect that have committed crimes against kids and no one is killing them.

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