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Father Child Bonding Activities You Can Do This Weekend

Bonding Activities

No father should be too busy with work or anything not to have time father-child activities on a regular basis. One of the best investment any of us can make is to have time for our kids even on weekends. Below are some selected activities I and my kids do every weekend as our bonding activity. Consider them on the next weekend you’re free.

Play sports outside

Or well, inside if you want. You could bore your son or daughter to death over embellished and pointless ramblings about how awesome you were in sports back in your day. Shake off the rust and show him/her by doing it yourself. Include sportsmanship, discipline, coordination and teamwork as you play. It’s not about winning, but teaching the skills mentioned above while having fun together. You can also find out the sport your child is most interested in and do that instead.

Work around the house

It’s not about doling out chores to your child while you crash on the sofa. Work together and educate him about the joy of working together. Don’t be afraid to get dirty while cleaning grills, washing the car, or removing grimes in the kitchen. Better yet, teach your kid how to clean his bedroom. Make it even more fun by turning it into a competition: Your room against theirs. The cleanest room gets a bonus cookie!

Visit local areas

Being cooped at home isn’t always good if your activities are all focused there. Bring your child somewhere exciting or educational. Visit the park and watch pets frolic or lay on the grass and gaze at the clouds. Go to the local library and pick up a book. It’s also a chance to introduce your child to good reading genres. Visit the zoo and ask your kid to name all the animals without asking looking at the labels. If the big city isn’t your style, consider a trip down to the beach or just pick a nearby destination at random.

Go backyard camping

Armed with a pair of sleeping bags, a tent, an ice chest full of marshmallows and hot dogs, you and your child will abandon the confines of civilization for the weekend and depend on each other for survival. Strictly no help from mom! Tell campfire stories, encourage your child to tell one too. Roast food and make shadow puppets in the flickering flame. It’s an opportunity for the two of you to talk, laugh and learn from each other.

Watch a movie together

Going to the movies is a classic bonding moment with your child that you shouldn’t miss. Find out if your kid has anything she wants to watch. It would probably be an animated film or even an action movie. Take your kids to Hoyts Erina for the weekend and watch a movie of his/her choice, making sure it’s age appropriate. After watching, you can also do a little shopping at the mall before going home. Discuss the movie with your child and extract key points and lessons.


You’ve taken the first step to spend more time with your child, and that’s amazing! You should be proud of yourself, cause some parents don’t have that luxury nowadays. Enjoy your weekend bonding!

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