Gift Ideas for Teenage Son
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Amazing Gift Ideas Your Teenage Son Will Love

Gift Ideas for Teenage Son

It’s tricky trying to buy an amazing present that your teenager will love. And teenage boys are always so much worse to buy for than girls! Everything they have needs to be just right. Otherwise, they won’t think it’s cool. If you are struggling to find a fantastic gift for your teenage son’s birthday, we’ve made it easier for you. Here’s our list of awesome gift ideas that your teenage son will love.

Sports Memorabilia

Whether your son is into basketball or baseball, you will certainly be able to impress him with some great sporting memorabilia. You can keep it simple and just buy him the shirt that his favorite team wears. If you want something extra special, take a look on Pristine Auction. You can buy lots of rare and one-off sporting paraphernalia at very reasonable prices.

Gift Ideas for Teenage Son

College Items

Is your son planning on going to college really soon? One great way to prepare him for the move is to buy him some stuff he can take with him. You can buy him practical things that he can use in his new home, such as fun and novelty kitchenware. Or buy him some things he can decorate his new room with. If your son loves his movies, he’ll love opening some retro movie posters! But that’s just one idea; the possibilities of college-related gifts are endless!


Of course, every teenager loves their technology and electronics. If you want to really impress your teenage son, you should buy him a cool new smartphone or tablet device. Make sure you add on some parental controls before you give it to him, though. This will ensure that he is safe while surfing the web. Another cool idea is to get your son the latest games console. Hopefully, he’ll let you have a go, and you can spend some quality time bonding over a game!

Gift Ideas for Teenage Son


Your teenager will care very much about what they look like. I’m sure your son will have already developed a chic fashion sense and will be dressing to try and impress the girls. There’s just one downside to being into clothes and fashion – it can be very expensive! So why not treat your son to a new pair of sneakers. It’s not a good idea to surprise him with a pair, as you might get the wrong ones. So tell him you will buy him some or give him the money towards some. He can then pick out the pair that he really wants.


Still not too sure about what your teenage son wants for his birthday? Then let him pick out his own gift and just give him some shopping vouchers. This way, you aren’t running the risk of buying him something that he doesn’t like. You can buy various different vouchers for all kinds of shops.


Now that you have the present all sorted, all you have to do is arrange a party and birthday cake! And then you’ll have planned the perfect birthday for your teenage son.

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