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The Golden Rules To Teaching Your Kids Cricket

Like many of us dads, you might have a lifelong passion for cricket which you’re determined to pass onto your kids as soon as possible. Perhaps you’re just a little concerned for modern kids’ addiction to screens, or want some way to spend more time with your kids. Whatever the reason, there’s a right way and a wrong way to introduce your kids to this incredible sport. Here are some golden rules for getting your kids into cricket.


As that old maxim goes, “safety first”. That’s exactly what we’re going to start with! I know, this is possibly the most boring facet there is to cricket, but if a coach went on neglecting the safety of their charges they wouldn’t be working much longer! Before you start any exercises with regulation balls, you should take the time to learn a little basic first aid. Ensure that all your batsmen and wicket keepers are using good-quality helmets and other equipment. If your old bat you’ve dug out of the attic looks close to splintering, then visit a store like Meulemans cricket online and get some fresh gear. Furthermore, you should make sure that everyone is warming up and cooling down properly, and that you always have a phone on-hand for emergencies.

The next rule I have to get across is fairly simple; have fun. Fun is the usually the only reason kids are motivated to do anything, and this is especially true when it comes to a demanding sport like cricket. If you don’t want your little project to fall apart, enjoyment should be the next priority after safety. To build up your kids’ basic skills, add a competitive element to their drills. Or, for the last few minutes of your sessions, you could let your kids mess around and do what they want to do. Remember that there’s really no “messing around” when it comes to sports. As long as they’re handling a bat or a ball, they’ll be learning more about the physics of the game and developing their coordination.

My final golden rule is to make sure you maintain a good balance of praise and criticism. Young kids are naturally competitive, and the effort, success and failures they’ll experience are going to be more profound than you may realize. For this reason, it’s important to get the balance of praise and criticism just right. Most kids will be trying extremely hard to perform well, whether you’re having a mock game or you’re just running through a drill. If they make a mistake, and you jump on them with immediate criticism, they’ll feel even more tense and may end up resenting the whole game. On the other hand, if your kid shows a particular flare, be sure to keep looking out for his or her weak points. No one likes a cocky player in an actual game.

As you introduce your kids to cricket, be sure to keep these three golden rules in mind. It will keep the game safe, enjoyable, and will ensure your kids make progress.

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