Child's First Date
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Your Child’s First Date: 6 Rules You Must Abide By

Uh oh! It’s that time that every parent dreads. Their child is about to go on their first date, and you’ll instantly jump into protection mode. You don’t want anything to happen to your little bundle of joy, but you can’t stop them from dating. In fact, you need to follow a number of rules to ensure you both come out of this experience in a positive way.

Child's First Date

DON’T Interview The Date

Its all well and good thinking you can scare the two of them, but that really won’t work. It’ll probably ruin the date, making your child angry with you in the process. This is already a very awkward occasion for your child. Let them deal with the situation by themselves, and trust them to do the right thing. You can certainly talk to the date but don’t go overboard with the questioning.

DO Have ‘The Talk’ With Your Child

Yes, this is the time to talk to your child about sex, and it’s dangers. They’ll get taught about sex education at school, but you can bet there’s still a lot they don’t know about. It’s important to teach them the basics and make sure they listen. There’s no room for embarrassment here; you have to get the message across.

DON’T Get In The Way

It’s tempting to feel like you want to spy on the date for the entirety of it but show some restraint. You have to give them space, just as you’d expect on a date of your own. Don’t offer to take them to the movies, only to sit a few rows away from them during the film. They want to be on their own, and your presence is an awkward one.

DO Offer To Help Wherever Necessary

While getting in the way is a bad thing, offering to help certainly isn’t. Prepare them by offering to judge their choice of clothing or buying popular cologne for men. Pick up a takeaway for them to eat when they get back, and drive them to their intended destination. This is all helpful behavior that will positively supplement their day/evening.

DON’T Lecture Your Child

It’s amazing how many parents think that lecturing is a good way to go about things. Ahead of a first date, instead of easing their nerves, they’ll make them worse by dishing out rules and regulations. This can often have a negative effect, encouraging your child to rebel and go against what you say.

DO Make Sure They’re Safe

We’ve already talked about teaching the dangers of sex, and that’s something you must do. However, staying safe goes far beyond that. You need to make sure you know where they intend to go and ensure you keep your phone close by. Get an estimate of when they’ll expect to be home, just so you know they’re safe. Don’t call them every thirty minutes to check-up on them, though.

Most importantly, relax! The first date is an important one in any person’s life. You want them to remember it positively, so don’t go and ruin it!

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