Couch Potatoes
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Dad’s Guide To Stopping Kids From Being Couch Potatoes

Couch Potatoes

Technology is undoubtedly a wonderful thing. However, every father worries that his son or daughter will become addicted. Whether they’re spending too much time on Snapchat or Call of Duty doesn’t matter. Fighting back against those dangers is vital. There’s nothing wrong with them using those tech facilities, but moderation is key. Here are five top tricks to ensure their interactions remain healthy.

Embrace Other Hobbies

The best way to stop them from leading a life glued to their screens is to celebrate their other passions in life. If they love music, for example, paying for professional lessons could see them develop a far more productive hobby. Meanwhile, expert music mixing can allow them to follow their dreams of becoming a rock star. Alternatively, you may want to embrace their love of sport or dance. Those hobbies are far more beneficial than playing computer games. Furthermore, the skills picked up here can boost academic achievement. Not bad, eh?

Couch Potatoes

Encourage Real Interactions

For most kids, using social media or playing online games is a way to stay connected to their friends. But it’s far better for them to do it in a real life environment. The thought of having other kids in your house might sound like a disaster waiting to happen, but it can be a great solution. Organizing sleepovers doesn’t need to be overly difficult. Meanwhile, working alongside other parents on a rota can create extra free time for you and Mom to have date nights or complete other tasks.

Give Them Chores

Some Dads might not feel too comfortable giving their children chores, but it’s a guaranteed way to teach them valuable life lessons. Your kids will learn the value of money and hard work. Meanwhile, it ensures that they aren’t constantly locked away in their bedrooms. Of course, you don’t want to overwork them. But letting them do the dishes or wash the family car can have great rewards. Meanwhile, if you have several children, it can be a great trick for teaching siblings to work together.

Make It A Family Event

Couch Potatoes

The big worry about tech addiction is that kids can become quite lonely and unsocial. However, turning those interactions into a family event will soon stop this happening. Have a family film night, making popcorn first, to create a far better outcome. In fact, with interactive games on the Xbox Kinect, you can even turn gaming into a fun family event. And you’ll be getting a little exercise too. What more could you ask for?

Transform The Home

Kids will play their games when they’re bored. But if they have something else to do, they’ll spend far less time glued to their screens. At home, building a man cave with other leisure activities can help fight those problems. Let’s face it; you’re going to enjoy this space too. Your garden can be another secret weapon. Invest in trampolines and other fun activities to keep them occupied. Combine this with regular adventures outside, and you will not go far wrong.

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  • thebetschool

    That’s true – people today are so distant from reality with these mobile devices, tablets, etc that sometimes it’s really hard to speak with them! That is so annyoing, when you come to the bar/restaurant or cafe and so almost everyone with mobile phone in hands serfing the web! People started to forget what is real communication is

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