Monday Night Raw Atlanta
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Daddy’s Hangout Monday Night Raw Review from Atlanta

Monday Night Raw Atlanta

Welcome to another edition of Monday Night Raw with it taking place in the ATL. It’ll be hard to top Monday Night Raw from last week seeing how it featured Sasha Banks capturing the Women’s Championship and the incredible debut of Finn Balor. It was confirmed prior to the show that Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman was scheduled to return to the WWE. Let’s see how things turned out.


Opening Segment: Monday Night Raw kicked off with Sasha Banks heading to the ring as the crowd chanted, You Deserve It. It was announced that Banks would face Charlotte again @ Summerslam for the championship. As she began to talk, the music of Charlotte hit and she made her way to the ring. They began to trade insults on each other, but they were interrupted by Chris Jericho and he started going off on Sasha Banks. The music for Enzo hit and he made his way to the ring, started flirting with Sasha Banks and started ripping Jericho. Afterwards, the music of Mick Foley hit and he made his way to the ring then made a mix tag match between the four.


Sasha Banks & Enzo vs. Charlotte & Chris Jericho: This was a really good match and the fans were definitely into it. Sasha had the advantage on Charlotte, but Jericho tried to enter and was met by a nice shot from Sasha as it allowed Charlotte to pick up the win. Jericho attacked Enzo, but Big Cass made the save.


Braun Strowman vs. Evan Anderholm: This was a complete squash and these squash matches have an old school feel to them.

Finn Balor/Seth Rollins Segment: Finn Balor entered the ring with Michael Cole and shortly thereafter, the music of Seth Rollins hit and he made his way down to the ring. They went back & forth with each other as Rollins said that Finn was good, but he was much better. Rollins went on to say that their careers are pretty much parallel, but he did everything better. In the end, Rollins went for a cheap shot on Balor, but was met with a spinning back kick followed by another kick.


Nia Jax vs. Ariel Munro: I’m cool with the squash and using some locals instead of someone already on the main roster.


New Day vs. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson: Xavier Woods was banned from ringside and the match itself was pretty good. Big E picked up the win for New Day when Anderson wasn’t paying attention, but they paid for it, big time. After the match, Anderson & Gallows beat down New Day, including Woods who came down trying to help and Big E was hurt in the process.


Cesaro vs. Sheamus: This match was made by Mick Foley with the winner receiving a title shot in the future. This was a pretty good match between these two and in the end, Cesaro picked up the victory after hitting the Neutralizer.

Seth Rollins vs. Sami Zayn: Really good match as expected between these two. Great action throughout the match and Rollins picked up the win after hitting the Pedigree.

Return of Brock Lesnar: Lesnar made his way to the ring with Paul Heyman and as always, Heyman cut a damn good promo. He was talking about how Orton didn’t have a chance against Brock and there’s no way he’ll hit the RKO on Lesnar. Then out of nowhere, Orton snuck in the ring and hit the RKO outta nowhere of Brock, then he escaped through the crowd. Really digging Orton since his return!!


Golden Truth vs. Shining Stars: No comment.


Rusev vs. Mark Henry: This wasn’t a good match at all and in the end, Rusev picked up the win with the Accolade. After the match, Rusev cut a promo about being unbeatable and then the music of Roman Reigns hit and he eventually ran Rusev off as the crowd went crazy.


Titus O’Neil vs. Darren Young: I have no idea why or how this match came about.


Heath Slater vs. Jinder Mahal: We have the return of Jinder Mahal with Heath Slater as he’s still looking for a job and Mick Foley said he has room for one spot, so they can wrestle for it. While Slater was saying Foley is trying to cause friction between him & Mahal, the referee slips into the ring and Mahal hits Slater with a big boot for the win and a Raw contract.


Overall Rating: 6.5/10- This was another pretty Raw, but not near as good as the one the previous week. My only gripes were the Golden Truth/Shining Stars, Rusev/Henry and O’Neil/Young matches. I’m still on the mends with what transpired between Heath Slater and the returning Jinder Mahal.


Top 5 Happening on Monday Night Raw:

  1. RKO Outta Nowhere on Brock
  2. Seth Rollins vs. Sami Zayn
  3. Build for Seth Rollins vs. Finn Balor
  4. Sasha Banks & Enzo vs. Charlotte & Chris Jericho
  5. Beatdown of New Day by Gallows & Anderson


What did you think about this edition of Monday Night Raw? Are you still feeling the brand extension? What do you think about the pairing of Kevin Owens & Chris Jericho? Are you excited about the Rollins/Balor title match? What did you think about the return of Brock Lesnar and him eating an RKO? Head to the comments section below and give me some feedback.

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